Like his father and uncle before him, David Oliver joined the Navy in 2010 to be a corpsman, or the branch’s version of an enlisted medical specialist. Oliver had a rich family background of military service and his time had come to serve, although he was hesitant at first.

After graduating from Righetti High School in 2006, Oliver tried college and a few other things but they didn’t work out, he said.

“There just kind of came a point in my life where I think I matured enough and got enough balls to join,” Oliver said. “It was something I wanted to do but was something I was afraid to do at first.”

In the Navy, corpsmen serve in various capacities, including on ships or in hospitals on shore commands. Oliver was a Fleet Marine Force (or FMF) corpsman, serving with U.S. Marine detachments. He was the Navy equivalent of a combat medic in Afghanistan, a land he previously only experienced through the media. Now it's a part of his life from which he draws musical inspiration.