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Rita Keszthelyi has quite a résumé as a water polo player.

She made her debut as a water polo instructor Tuesday.

The five-time Hungarian Female Player of the Year, along with Former Team USA member and current Zimbabwe youth coach Greg Enloe, gave instruction to 16 girls at an Enloe Academy Water Polo Clinic that the Hancock College water polo program hosted at Paul Nelson Pool.

"She just finished with the world championships three days ago, and she hustled on out here," Hancock women's water polo coach Dominique Miller, who assisted at the clinic, said of Keszthelyi.

The Hungarian women finished fifth at the 2017 worlds, which were held in Hungary's capital city, Budapest. The U.S. women won. The Hungarian men finished second.

Hancock's women's water polo program will begin its third year when the season opens in September.

Kezthelyi, 25, and Enloe gave the campers plenty of one-on-one and small group instruction during the girls camp Tuesday morning. The boys camp took place Tuesday afternoon at Paul Nelson Pool.

Balance, Kezhelyi told the players Tuesday morning, was crucial for a defender to have.

During one demonstration, a ball-handler moved easily around a defender.

"The defender was leaning forward," said Keszthelyi. "If the defender has balance, the (ball-handler) can't do that."

The players listened attentively, and diligently followed directions during participation drills as Keszthelyi and Enloe gave instruction.

"This was my first time at one of these clinics and it was a challenge, partly because of the language barrier," Keszthelyi, who said she would head home to Hungary to resume training, said when the clinic was over.

"But Greg is an excellent instructor to work with. I hope the girls liked it. They were trying to learn the stuff I was teaching. The girls were nice."

Several players afterward indicated they had indeed taken to the teaching that took place at the clinic.

Makena Blanco scored 25 goals for Hancock last year. Yet she said her shooting technique needed help, and that the clinic had provided help.

"I picked up on a lot," at the clinic, the utility player said. "Probably shooting was the biggest thing.

"My shooting needs work, and they helped me with my shooting motion."

Allie Shea, Blanco's teammate who is a wing player, said, 'I got a lot of help with defensive skills out of it. Rita and Greg are awesome instructors, and this will definitely help me down the road."

Keszthelyi certainly has demonstrated proficiency when it comes to a water polo shot. She said she has been playing for Hungarian national teams since 2009, Keszthelyi, a wing player, was a three-time leading scorer at world championships.

Enloe was the one who told the players that shooting is a four-step process.

"One, breathe through your nose," he told the campers. "Two, step forward. Three, pull your shoulders back. Four, put your elbow up and back."

During the clinic, Keszthelyi and Enloe both demonstrated a powerful spin move in which the defender, after using the right hand to apply pressure behind a ball-handler, cut off the ball-handler's angle by spinning quickly around in front, emphasizing the left hand, as the ball-handler tried to spin free.

When it came to defending against a pass, "The only way to beat Tom Brady is to pressure him enough that he throws a bad pass," Enloe told the campers.

"You're not trying to steal the ball. You're trying to get (the ball-handler) to throw a bad pass so your teammate can steal it."

According to a release, Keszthelyi had the No. 1 sports video on Reddit on July 17. Cabrillo teammates Kaiya Ogan and Mary Rhodes, both of whom will be sophomores next school year, appreciated the real time instruction Tuesday.

"What I liked best was the backward bicycling drill," said Ogan. "The movement is important."

For Rhodes, "The best part was the one-on-one instruction where they will instruct you on every single detail of your stroke."


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