The snack bar is the lifeblood of any Little League field.

It's usually the unofficial meeting spot for all the youngsters craving licorice or candy bars, or maybe even a burrito and some nachos. Of course, parents and older siblings love stopping by the snack bar during games to fill up and catch a bite, too. 

The snack bar, though, also serves a vital function for all Little League organizations. The concession stand brings in funds clubs rely on.

That, of course, holds true for Orcutt American Little League. The league was devastated earlier this month when it learned that its snack bar was ravaged by water damage. 

Krissy Arnal-Mougeotte, a volunteer with the league, said officials were conducting a walkthrough on the league's grounds located near Joe Nightingale School off Winter Road in Orcutt on Jan. 2.

"While doing the annual walkthrough of the grounds, a board member found the snack bar with extensive water damage, mold and fungus growing," Arnal-Mougeotte said. "During their investigation, they found evidence that the five-gallon water heater, located under the sink, had erosion and had completely drained.

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"It was obvious that the hot water from the water heater had destroyed the inside." 

Arnal-Mougeotte says that much of the snack bar is being demolished and the organization has spent about $2,500. The league is now asking the community for help and is holding a fundraiser with the goal of raising $7,000.

"(We) just got a bid for the plumbing company for $1,800," Arnal-Mougeotte said. "We still have to put everything back together."

The Little League season is fast approaching, with OALL starting its season on March 5. 

"Our snack bar is one of our only fundraisers that is continuous throughout the season," Arnal-Mougeotte said in an email. "The funds raised help with field maintenance, equipment and fees associated with running a non-profit. To be able to put the snack bar together and be able to use the revenue for necessities, we need the (community's) help!"

Those wishing to help OALL repair its snack bar can send tax-deductible donations to Orcutt American Little League, P.O. Box 2471, Orcutt 93457. Donations can also be made online. Visit the league's Facebook page at for more information.


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