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I have two words for opposing batters who will try to hit Templeton senior Ashley Daugherty's pitches for the rest of this season:

Good luck.

The Templeton senior right-hander has made four starts and she has THREE no-hitters for the 4-0 Eagles. The Texas A&M commit's ERA is 1.40.

Madera's batters did manage to hit Daugherty's pitches. The Division 1 Coyotes scored six runs, four of them earned, on nine hits in an 8-6 loss to the Eagles in Templeton's season opener.

No one has scored a run against Daugherty, earned or otherwise, since. The St. Joseph game marked Daugherty's third no-hitter since that opening game.

Templeton is in the CIF Central Section's Mountain League now since the Eagles joined most of the area sports programs in a move from the CIF Southern Section.

That means most of the hitters Daugherty will face in league play, like the ones from St. Joseph, will come from the former, bigger PAC 8 League after Daugherty dominated opposing Los Padres League offenses the last three years. I don't think that will make much, if any, difference.

I did not see the Madera-Templeton game. I did see Daugherty's outing against St, Joseph Tuesday, and all I can say to the Madera hitters regarding their work against Daugherty is, congratulations. I'm not sure how you did it.

Madera is a pretty good hitting team - a team average of .315 at press time. The Coyotes, 11-4 at press time are also, simply, a good team. Besides, maybe since it was her first outing of the season, Daugherty may have struggled a bit to settle in.

Whatever the factors in the Madera game were, Tuesday was nothing like that. Daugherty looked pretty close to invincible, striking out 19 and walking no one.

"From where I was standing in the coaching box, I could see the ball hop up when she threw the rise ball," St. Joseph coach John Welch said afterward.

"But it wasn't just the rise ball. Our batters said the movement on her pitches was very good."

Daugherty's work against St. Joseph was pretty similar to the other few times I saw her when she was over-matching most LPL hitters, only it was better Tuesday.

When I saw her before, Daugherty did not often have spells where she missed on a few pitches in a row, but she did have them. Tuesday, she simply didn't give the St. Joseph batters much to hit.

St. Joseph has a pretty impressive resume. After going winless for multiple consecutive seasons in the PAC 8 League, the Knights made it to the divisional quarterfinals in their farewell season in the CIF Southern Section before the Knights moved to the Central Section.

Besides, St. Joseph pitcher Skylar Johnson's work was pretty stellar, too. She struck out 15 in Templeton's 2-0 win. The Eagles' two runs were unearned.

However, Daugherty's stuff Tuesday was, in a word, awesome. She sported a powerful fastball, a killer changeup and she hit every part of the strike zone.

No opposing hitters can afford to enter a game against Daugherty with the mindset that they are beaten before they start, of course, and they should not. However, if Daugherty throws the way she did Tuesday, the only way her pitches are golng to be consistently hit for, well, hits is if she makes mistakes.

And Tuesday, she did not make many mistakes.

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