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A Select Trio
Megan McGuigan, left, Jade Fuller, center, and Paige Waymire pose for a photo. All three have earned spots on an elite volleyball team.

Arroyo Grande residents Megan McGuigan, Jade Fuller and Paige Waymire packed one more activity into their busy volleyball schedule recently.

The three took part in Los Angeles-based tryouts for various Southern California Volleyball Association High Performance teams. Spots on those teams are reserved for some of the best of the best among Southern Cal age group players.

McGuigan (pronounced Mc-GWEE-gan) is a 5-9 middle hitter. She showed so well at the tryouts that she made the SCVA’s High Performance Select Team. She was a student at Paulding Middle School last year. McGuigan will be a freshman at Arroyo Grande High School next school year.

As for herself and Waymire, “We went down there because it was something to do. Our coach thought it would help get us ready for a higher level,” said Fuller.

“I never dreamed I’d be picked as an alternate.”

She was, for the High Performance Youth Team. So was Waymire. Fuller is a 5-2 defensive specialist. Waymire is a 5-10 1/2 outside hitter. They will be AGHS sophomores next school year.

Fuller and Waymire played for Arroyo Grande’s junior varsity team last school year. McGuigan played for Paulding. They’re all playing beach volleyball this summer, and Waymire teams with Fuller. McGuigan teams with her cousin, Madison Clift. In July, McGuigan, Waymire and Fuller will turn a lot of their attention to High Performance team workouts.

The High Performance Select Team is for girls born from 1996-1999. The High Performance Youth Team is for girls born in 1994 and 1995. The High Performance Junior Team is for girls born in 1992 and 1993.

The Select tryouts weren’t the ones McGuigan actually took part in. “I happened to be down there for the (Youth) tryouts, so that was what I participated in,” McGuigan said.

Those in charge liked what they saw well enough to tab McGuigan for the High Performance Select Team, which will play in the 2010 USA High Performance Championships July 25-29 at Wisconsin Dells, Wis. Fuller and Waymire will practice with the youth team. If some players on the squad drop out, they will both make the trip to Wisconsin.

Waymire said she is the first alternate. “There’s another player or two ahead of me,” said Fuller.

All three play club volleyball for the Cal Coast Volleyball Club program that Erin Alves started early in the year. Alves finished her first year as Nipomo High School’s girls volleyball coach last fall.

“The club program has been really helpful,” said McGuigan. “We went over a lot of things that we didn’t go over at Paulding.”

Fuller and Waymire play on the same club team as Nipomo sophomores-to-be Cristina Ozzimo (setter) and Sarah Stahl (defensive specialist) are on. McGuigan played on a different team in the Cal Coast program. named Ozzimo and Stahl to its Frosh 59 list, an honor reserved for freshman players who are considered to be among the most talented players in their area.

Waymire said she thought the top players at the tryouts were out of her league when she first got there. Her confidence grew as the session moved along.

“There were four courts, and those who were considered the best players were put on court one,” Waymire said. “When I saw them start to play, I thought I would have a chance,” to match up with them.

“I was on court two, and I thought if I stayed there I’d have a chance because the coaches could get a good look at me.” They did get a good look at Waymire and were impressed enough to make her an alternate.

Fuller’s stock went up as the tryouts went along. “I started out on court three and actually moved up as the tryouts went on,” she said.

Nonetheless, “I had no idea whether I made it or not when the tryouts were over,” said Fuller. “A friend told me to look on the Internet. I did and I saw my name as an alternate.”

McGuigan said she had “no idea,” whether or not she had made a High Performance team after the tryouts were over.

She did think she had played fairly well. “Some of my hits were out, but a lot of them had a lot of power,” she said.

McGuigan’s hitting was strong enough to earn her a spot on the team.

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