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Laboring over something you have no control over will not help you get ahead this year. Step outside your comfort zone. Use your intelligence, not your brawn, to get things done. Broaden your horizons to avoid being trapped. It's up to you to enjoy life's journey. Don't avoid the things you need to do; act and move forward.

Explore your options regarding work and what you want to do with the rest of your life. Revamp the way you use your skills to help fulfill your aspirations. Rethink your priorities and the way you use your time before making any adjustments. Take responsibility for your happiness, and everything else will fall into place.

Set goals and follow through. Opportunity and advancement are yours to have if you are true to yourself and strive to accomplish what you set out to do. It's up to you to initiate change, present and promote what you have to offer, and forge ahead with confidence, precision and fortitude. Don't be afraid to do things differently.

Take your time, look at every angle, and use charm and intelligence to nudge others to follow your lead. Having the right tone, facts and figures in place will help you make progress this year, leading to a better lifestyle, favorable relationships and an innovative way to use your skills efficiently. Play by the rules, and aim to win.

You are on the road to victory. The hard work, determination and persistence you employ will unleash the mental, physical or financial changes you want to enforce. Discipline and drive, coupled with enthusiasm and charisma, will ensure you get the help you need to turn your goal into something substantial. Believe in yourself and those you love.

Catch your breath, then get ready to spin whatever comes your way into an exciting adventure. Explore the possibilities, and expand every detail that will encourage growth. Embrace trends and align yourself with those heading in a similar direction. It's time to take hold of whatever situation you encounter and turn it into something positive, sustainable and lucrative.

Explore possibilities, and make adjustments that encourage you to use your attributes in new and exciting ways. Update your plans, and make alterations to the way you live and how you take care of yourself, your finances and your relationships with others. Take the time to recognize what's meaningful to you, and restructure your life to fulfill your dreams.

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Take the helm and make your way to the destination of choice. It's up to you to pick your path and to oversee every detail if you want to be responsible for your happiness and peace of mind. Separate intelligence from emotion, and treat each situation you encounter with integrity and determination. Raise your profile, and let your reputation precede you.

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An open mind will lead to new adventures. Embrace life, learning and new experiences. Look at the possibilities, and be the one to make your dreams come true. Take the initiative and lean into something you feel passionate about, and good things will transpire. Work with a purpose in mind, and you'll have no regrets. Live life your way.

Express your feelings, and get your priorities in order. Refuse to let emotional matters get in the way of your progress. It's up to you to make things happen and to navigate your way to the place you want to reach. Set goals, prepare and educate yourself to ensure you can fulfill your dreams. Change begins with you, so get moving.

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Put more thought into the changes you want to make before you proceed. Make sure that your emotions aren't overriding your practicality and common sense. Channel your energy where it will benefit you most and help bring in more cash, peace of mind and opportunities. When dealing with personal and professional relationships, trust facts, not hearsay.

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Take the initiative to make things happen. Dream big and explore what's possible. Be wary of shortcuts and prepared to implement last-minute changes that will save you time and money. Focus on building a strong foundation for what's to come. Believe in your ability to finish what you start. Patience and persistence will be crucial.