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Depending on where you're sitting, you may find it's introducing new problems into the equation. But problems often have solutions.

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Brand-name disinfectants are flying off store shelves, snatched up by shoppers looking for effective weapons against the novel coronavirus. But some disinfectants are better than others; some probably aren't necessary at all; and some can actually be harmful, spawning antibiotic-resistant bacteria. We reviewed recommendations for the general population from the Centers for Disease Control and ...

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As tradition goes, Rex, the King of the Carnival, chooses a prominent citizen to hand him or her the “key to the city.” Legend has it, the tra…

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Want to keep an eye on your home without breaking the bank on expensive smart home cameras? A trail cam, traditionally used by hunters, could be the low-cost home monitoring solution you’ve been looking for. Here’s why you should consider it to secure your property:

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Even if you crave it, sugar is no solution for breakfast or a wake-up snack after a nap. It will only give you a short high, and the crash that follows can be brutal, says sleep specialist and clinical psychologist Michael Breus. Instead, rely on proteins such as eggs to boost brain power.