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Shoppers and retailers alike will be able to return to the Santa Maria Town Center on Thursday morning, as the mall reopens for indoor business with modifications for the second time this summer.

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Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties both received approval from the state Wednesday to reopen dine-in services at restaurants and in-store retail after pushing for the ability to move ahead in the state's COVID-19 reopening process. 

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I have had a chance to play "Streets of Rage 4" at no less than four gaming preview events and demos since it was announced in early 2018. Before that, as a Sega Genesis player, I played through each of the originals. I've also been around the block through a wide library of beat' em-ups, from the well-known classics like "Altered Beast," "Final Fight," " X-Men Arcade" and "Teenage...


Here's your chance to visit Alaska with an Undersea Specialist-- or take a virtual hike amid the wildflowers in Arizona.. "An important part of family learning is exploring the world together, particularly with the sciences, it is key to allow children to test and experiment and draw their own conclusions," said Jennifer Pace Robinson, vice president of Family...

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"Resident Evil 2" was the rare sequel that did everything right: two characters instead of one, four campaign scenarios, and a new setting, the RPD, that outdid the first game's Spencer Estate in every way. Capcom followed up with "Resident Evil 3: Nemesis" 20 months later. When Capcom announced a remake of "Resident Evil 3" due out less than 15 months after 2019' s remake of "...