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If you’re one of those families that insist their kids read the book before seeing the movie, there’s some serious page-turning in your future. And if you’re happy just to be able to go to the movies for some kid- and teen-friendly fare, you’re in luck, too. From the timely, thought-provoking high school drama “The Hate U Give” to a classic like “Mary Poppins,” kids’ books and young adult novels are getting the Hollywood treatment. And now that movie trailers, sneak peeks, and behind-the-scenes footage hit the internet months in advance of films’ releases, kids’ excitement for big-screen adaptations of their favorite books starts early.

Book lovers can be the harshest movie critics. Even when a film sticks very close to the book it’s based on, people who loved the text will no doubt pick out any tiny changes that were made, or casting decisions that don’t match their own vision of the characters, and

If you’re hoping to kill a little time a work, you’ve come to the right place. This seven-minute video will surely be the pick-me-up you were looking for, because it combines your favorite movie dance scenes into one epic mash-up, and it’s too good not to watch. There are moments