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Still in need of gift ideas? Don’t fret — this gift guide will have just about anyone on your list covered. Whether you’re attending a white elephant exchange or you’re still stumped over that one family member, read on to find some unexpected presents that are sure to impress.

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Labor Day is just around the corner, which means it’s a great time to score some major discounts. (PSA: You can get up to 80% off at Houzz’s Labor Day Sale until September 4th.) Whether you need to spruce up the bathroom or the backyard, here are 10 on-sale picks to update every room in your home and get you ready for fall!

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If you’ve never brought a feline friend home before and you’re even a little fussy about your interiors, furniture or decor, you’ll want to answer a few questions first. Where will you put the litter box? What kind of upholstery and carpet do you have? How will you protect your cherished collection of Precious Moments from your always curious and very nimble pet? Here are four ways to help your cat live in harmony with your furniture.


There’s no place like a modern farmhouse to call home. It’s cozy, but not too country. It’s natural, but not too rustic. It’s the happy medium - and we do mean happy - between chic and comfortable. This style beckons you in to sit down and stay awhile. Use these 11 pieces to create the covetable look everyone’s really into right now.