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Commentary - Today, the center of the Congress has been hollowed out. Pragmatists in both parties who represent swing districts — and actually pay attention to voters from the other party — are headed for extinction. The U.S. House closely resembles a European parliament, where there's virtually no negotiation or even conversation across partisan lines. And the rigidity is getting worse.

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Fire is a cornerstone of the native way of life. Indigenous people burn to connect with the land, clear plant growth in the understory of forests, release nutrients and seeds, and to enhance the health of the ecosystem. Land treated with fire is an indicator of balance. 




“If there is one professional area where attorneys and chiropractors should be on the same page it is in recognizing when to say, “Thanks for coming to see me, but I don’t think that my office will be able to help you.” He provided this list of red flags that must be recognized and immediately acted upon.