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Writer lacks path of reasoning

Apparently a recent guest commentator had a frustrating time at the DMV (haven't we all?), and it sent her off into a rant about illegal immigrants.

She seems to believe that California's reasonable licensing of illegal immigrants to drive equals granting them the right to vote here. She said they have a privileged position and are "immune to laws applicable to citizens." She asserts that this is "intentionally opening the door to voting by illegal immigrants."

She left out the fact that obtaining a license to drive does not confer the right to vote on the licensee.

She also said, "It is reported minorities are sometimes paid to vote for a designated candidate."

Notice the segue from "illegal immigrants" to "minorities"?

She didn't say where she hears these reports about paying people to vote for a particular candidate.

Then there was a confused statement about sealed blank envelopes (referring, I assume, to those who choose to vote by mail) and says this is "voter intmidation and anticipates voter obedience."


She isn't finished yet, however, and turns her attention next to the condition of California's education system.

I agree that it has deteriorated from the glory days when California led the nation in this area. However, I can't agree that this slide indicates an intentional "miseducation" that "takes planning" to accomplish.

Aha! Here's the culprit: "All levels of government ... are unionized, all unions are interconnected and international ... the union has a seat at the bill-drafting table and controls the vote. The U.S. government is under union control, and colludes with big business."

That's funny. Generally, unions and big business are on opposing sides.

She says, "A Princeton/Northwestern study concluded we are a union/oligarchy."


"Illegals voting? Of course," she concludes, without showing us her path of reasoning to arrive at this stunning and totally unsupported idea.

Methinks she's been following some seriously deluded talk show hosts.

Judy McKinnon