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Would like Pharis coverage on front page

I would like to be among the first of your readers to respond to your off-the-cuff survey. While I applaud your intentions of keeping the feature Roses & Raspberries positive, I see a tendency to print other stories that affect our community on the back pages of the paper.

One example has to do with Marilyn Pharis, which while on the Central Coast cover, was inside the front section of Friday's paper. Granted, you printed all the details of the case, and I congratulate you on including the other case involving the Hancock basketball players, who happen to share the same lawyers.

This is another case of justice denied as it is been over three years since this crime has happened. Why is this not front page local news? As a side note, I would like to commend one of your regular letter to the editor writers for her intelligent and well written letter published in the Saturday edition of the Times. It's a challenge to write a letter in the word limit allowed.

Bill Potts

Santa Maria

Dreaming, responsibility

Sunday's Santa Maria Times’ “Today's Thought” William Butler Yeats’ "In dreams begin responsibilities” should be taken seriously by the Dreamers.

Responsibilities include knowing, understanding and following rules and requirements of one's adopted country, aiming to be productive citizens.

This will decrease the angst and ire demonstrated daily as final decisions are being crafted by both government and individuals.

Shirley Boydstun


How quickly we forget

Several years ago during the Obama administration, the food stamp program greatly expanded. Originally designed to be a safety net for the poor and jobless, it soon became a hammock for many of them.

One of California's illustrious Congresswomen, Nancy Pelosi, was ecstatic that so many more citizens qualified for this once in/never out give-a-way program, since it also helped create jobs. That's right. She stated and I quote, "for every four new food stamp recipients, it creates one new job."

As nonsensical as that sounds, it probably was a true statement. But, not really the way you want to create jobs and reduce unemployment - completely government funded.

Now, we have many companies rewarding employees with bonuses of $1,000 or more, so I guess, for approximately every two $1,000 bonuses paid by the private sector, it too would create one new job, this time, not paid by us taxpayers. Since you're supposed to want what is best for the country Nancy, please give Trump at least the same acknowledgement you gave to Obama for job creation. Except this time, we taxpayers didn't have to buy the jobs. You have confused a real job, with a contrived job, which was merely crumbs.

David Dickinson

Santa Maria