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Letters to the Editor: Work hard, sacrifice, fulfill your dream; Delay school reopenings; Destroying history doesn't change it

Letters to the Editor: Work hard, sacrifice, fulfill your dream; Delay school reopenings; Destroying history doesn't change it

Work hard, sacrifice, fulfill your dream

Silent no more, the gloves are off. If one side gets to speak their beliefs, then in all fairness, the other side gets to speak their beliefs.

Where does one side claim they are oppressed when we all start out as babies, as we grow and are taught in the fundamentals of good and bad behavior, go to school for 12 years, if fortunate, can go on to college.

After 12 years of schooling, if we paid attention, we can go out and find a job that fits our qualifications. Oh, you didn't finish school but you want all the things money can buy. This is where there is a difference in any and all persons.

When a person works and saves and becomes a business owner, it wasn't because (in most cases) it was handed to them. They sacrificed, did without so they could own their own business. Nothing in today's society is free, someone had to work and earn money to make it "free" for some one else too lazy to go out and get a job. Not many start out at the top of their profession, that's why it's so important to learn the ropes and work your way up the ladder.

Some don't have the stamina to reach for what they want and would rather just take it. Note, no where has it been mentioned the color of skin. We all are God's children and we should strive to make Him proud of what we have become. Look at yourself, did you listen and go to school, did you learn respect, did you ever lend a helping hand to another?

There have been many times I've had to brush myself off and start over again. Don't be a quitter, go for the ring and make yourself a success, not all become famous but fame is just a noun that makes you feel you have fulfilled your dream.

Start today with good thoughts and thank you for listening to the other side. We both want what is right.

Anita Dwyer


Delay school reopenings

How can it make sense for schools to open when stores and gyms aren't?

The comparison of shopping being the same as going to school would be ludicrous is it weren't dangerous. When I shop, I am in and out and can keep a social distance. In school, students are at desks for hours at a time, some in classrooms where the windows do not open.

What happens if a student gets COVID-19 or a member of his/her family does? Will the entire class and teacher be put into lockdown at their homes for 14 days?

Just because the President wants schools to reopen as if everything is normal, things are not normal. Let's delay the school reopenings.

Betty Gunn

Santa Maria

Destroying history doesn't change it

While reading the story of the burning of the San Gabriel Mission, I am saddened by it and angered by the rampant vandalism of statues, and the ignorance of the history of our country being removed and rewritten to satisfy the outcry of those who would stifle our voices through the Cancel culture.

There's never been a society without some imperfections, whether religious, or race and economics. There's the human race only. History is the story of struggle and success. You learn from history. People and society's change, sometimes we regress instead of progress. To judge the past by modern standards does a disservice and stifles progress. Focusing on revenge or purging our past makes us no better than those we criticize like the Taliban or Al Queda, destroying for rigid and inflexible ideas.

Those who want reparations forget that their own ancestors sold them into slavery. California wouldn't be where it is today without everyone. Who gives anyone the right to judge others by behavior that for the time period was accepted, and now calling for dissolving the police who keep our society from lawlessness.

There needs to be reform and order unless you want anarchy. I hope that our country, our anthem, our way of life that the world wants to live in isn't discarded because of the past. And that's saying the good and bad need to be remembered because without either, we'll just keep repeating it.

I'd like to see human trafficking and immigration reform honestly and violence and selfishness deemphasized. Future generations will never know what made us great and can make us great again.

Bill Potts

Santa Maria


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