Why recall Governor Newsom?

Headlines in May 2020 reported 43% of COVID-19 deaths had occurred in nursing homes because governors like Gavin Newsom, Andrew Cuomo and other Democrats forced nursing homes to accept COVID-infected patients.

Governor Newsom unnecessarily exposed the most vulnerable to COVID, killing nursing home patients by exposing nursing home staff to COVID that quickly spread to their families, causing COVID infection spikes and deaths in surrounding communities.

2.1 million Americans lived in nursing homes in May 2020, less than 1% of the U.S. population, but suffered 43% of the reported COVID deaths.

Newsom also transferred COVID-infected prisoners to prisons throughout California, infecting prisoners, prison staff and their families, causing additional COVID spikes and deaths. Newsom then decided to release huge numbers of violent prisoners into our communities spreading COVID and increasing crime.

Another huge spike in COVID infections is guaranteed with Governor Newsom and President Biden’s open borders policy allowing illegal immigrants into our country with a 20%-30% COVID infection rate, as reported by the Border Patrol, with no vaccine mandate while they want mandated vaccines for Americans.

The Biden border policy that Newsom supports in one week saw over 1,500 COVID-positive illegal border crossers dropped off in one U.S. city, McAllen, Texas. How many California communities small and large are suffering COVID infection spikes that coincide with infected border crossers?

Do you think crime is bad now? Well you have not seen anything yet. Newsom has announced plans to close 10 Central Valley and coastal prisons. Newsom’s prison closures will destroy jobs and release more violent criminals.

Governor Newsom at a minimum deserves to be recalled.

Russ Waymire


Questioning thought processes

There's something wrong with Joe Biden's thinking. The United States became energy independent under President Trump for the first time in 75 years and we no longer bought oil from foreign countries. Now Biden is crushing domestic oil and gas production while pressuring OPEC to boost production so we can buy theirs. We do not need their oil - there is plenty here.

Also, why are Biden and Harris not controlling our southern border and stopping the invasion of illegal immigrants and drug trafficers, some of whom are bringing the virus to our cities? While Trump was president our southern border was rapidly being walled and controlled.

The decision to withdraw our troops from Afganistan was probably a wise one. However, Biden's failure to take his generals' advice about how to orderly accomplish that exit is proving to be a grave mistake, leaving some of our military equipment, technology and Afgan friends behind to be seized by the Taliban.

Alan Fox

Santa Maria

Afghanistan and the prime directive

The prime directive comes from Star Trek, a famous TV show of the 1960s. As starships traveled the universe their captain and crew lived by the prime directive. It dictated that no Starfleet personnel will knowingly interfere with the natural progression of civilizations. I think what it really means is, don't stick your nose in other people's business.

So who do we blame for Afghanistan, the Korean war, the Vietnam war, the Iran hostages and the Iraq war? In each of these conflicts we blamed the American President that was in office at the time it all ended. For the most part, each of these presidents had nothing to do with starting the conflicts, they were left holding the bag and receiving all the blame.

All of us, including America and many countries of the world, think we know best how other people should live. We critique the neatness of our friends' homes or how our neighbors cut their lawn.

America cannot solve all the worlds' problems, we have enough of our own. After 20 years of our help, there is no neatness in Afghanistan, and nobody is cutting the lawns.

There's a Yiddish word for someone who sticks their nose in other people's business, it's "yenta". I think America and all the countries on our planet could use a little less "yenta" and a lot more "prime directive".

Cary De Grosa



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