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Letters to the Editor: Who is Dawn Addis?; Prop. 15 an abject disaster; Need more citizen legislators like Cunningham; My vote is with Cunningham; Trump, Biden records, platforms at odds

Letters to the Editor: Who is Dawn Addis?; Prop. 15 an abject disaster; Need more citizen legislators like Cunningham; My vote is with Cunningham; Trump, Biden records, platforms at odds

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Who is Dawn Addis?

I see a lot of ads from Dawn Addis, but I still have no idea who she is.

I’ve never seen her at an event (before or during COVID), and I’ve never been able to ask her questions about her positions on important issue. She didn’t even show up at the SLO Chamber candidate forum. John Laird was there. Vicki Norden was there. Jordan Cunningham, her opponent was there. But Dawn skipped it.

Why is she hiding? Has anybody ever even seen her not in an advertisement? Is she a real person?

Bob Martz


Prop. 15 an abject disaster

I strongly agree with your recent editorial on Prop. 15, the $11.5 billion property tax increase: it would be an abject disaster.

The target? Small businesses. The size? Largest property tax increase in history. The timing? Couldn’t be worse.

If you want to see small businesses on the Central Coast survive 2020, vote no on Proposition 15. Vote for Jordan Cunningham.

Tracy Miller


Need more citizen legislators like Cunningham

I saw Dawn Addis’ most recent attack mailer about Jordan Cunningham. Given everything Mr. Cunningham has accomplished and how responsive he’s been to our needs, it didn’t sit right with me. Is Addis really claiming that the same man who has helped 4,000 local residents collect their unemployment doesn’t work hard?

I asked the Cunningham campaign for a response, and it turns out Dawn Addis is totally distorting Mr. Cunningham’s record. Mr. Cunningham’s team said that he has a 95.6% voting rate, and that his opponent is using the time he spends in the district meeting with constituents against him.

Can you imagine? Dawn Addis is really trying to attack Mr. Cunningham for meeting with his constituents on the Central Coast.

We don’t need another Sacramento legislator like Dawn the Distorter. We need more citizen legislators like Mr. Cunningham.

Ranelle Baldwin

San Luis Obispo

My vote is with Cunningham

I think we’ve all seen the ads. Jordan Cunningham says that Dawn Addis supports the business property tax increase. Dawn says Jordan is nice, but doesn’t represent “Central Coast values.”

To me it’s pretty simple: raising taxes on our favorite shops and restaurants in the middle of a pandemic is a really bad idea.

My vote is with Cunningham. We don’t agree on everything, but at least he doesn’t want to increase taxes in the middle of a dang pandemic.

Irene Mullen

Paso Robles

Trump, Biden records, platforms at odds

The Left’s reaction when they discovered Donald and Melania Trump had the coronavirus shows just how morally and spiritually corrupt they are. A barrage of hateful e-mails and tweets all expressed their hope that Trump would die, including one by Hillary Clinton that read, “I don’t hope Trump dies from Covid. I hope he dies from anything. I’m not really fussy.”

Meanwhile, CNN’s recent hit job on Melania not only backfired but exposed her as the intelligent, beautiful and kind person she really is.

Liberals take great pride in bragging about how the BLM movement toward anarchy, division and lawlessness they’ve created is “unstoppable”, while doing nothing except making it worse for people around the country.

They prattle on and on about how Trump’s a racist xenophobe yet ignore the fact that Obama was at war every single day of his presidency while Trump’s the only president in modern history who hasn’t taken the U.S. into any new military conflicts. He defeated ISIS and brought a promising peace to the Middle East and the Balkans — something people said was impossible.

For four years liberals have viciously attacked, lied about and vilified this president while giving a free pass to Democrat corruption. Now they’re doing their level best to hide the Biden/Harris agenda which has been taken over by the extreme left. Let’s look at the facts:

Trump signed the biggest package of tax cuts in history and created almost 4 million new jobs. His median household income was the highest ever recorded while bringing unemployment to a 49-year low. With nearly 3.9 million veterans off food stamps, he imposed tariffs on China and started building the wall just to name a few of his scores of accomplishments.

Joe Biden means higher taxes, defunded police, no cash bail, no prison terms, government-run health care and free health insurance for illegals. He’ll open the borders, spend trillions on the Green New Deal and global warming, prohibit sales of firearms and ammunition, and guarantee 100% zero emissions by 2050 — all Socialist plans bad for America.

Larry Bargenquast

Paso Robles


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