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Letters to the Editor: Where do we go from here?; Praying that we unify under Biden

Letters to the Editor: Where do we go from here?; Praying that we unify under Biden

Where do we go from here?

Some of the most insidious effects of Donald Trump's presidency have been his negative influence on the rules of law, caused by his behavior against all norms of decency, honesty, and integrity.

His present outlandish behavior toward the results of the election, which both Republicans and Democrats testify as being orderly, legal and honest, should be considered sedition. His overt speeches, and tweets are promoting civil disobedience, and rebellion against the government. He is pushing America into another civil war with his hateful rhetoric, lies, and illogical behavior. How can anyone state that Trump loves America, when he is doing everything in his power to destroy it?

How can any Christians, especially Catholics and Christian fundamentalists idolize a man just because he is anti-abortion, with his proven adultery, his cruel separation of Hispanic children from their parents, his continual support of right-wing groups of bigots, and thousands of lies to the American people, while spinning countless false conspiracy theories to aggrandize himself and substantiate his detrimental ideas?

This nation has experienced the crumbling of a host of Democratic norms and ideals as Trump’s behaviors have initiated a soft autocratic state. We are as divided now as we were prior to the Civil War, and as divided as Germany was when 50% of the civilians of that nation sided with the populist Adolf Hitler, and his racist, autocratic regime. And now amidst our existential pandemic threat, he is driving by, and applauding the Proud Boys, a racist group, on his way to play his 800th round of golf.

It has been said that millions of people cannot be wrong, but that was said of countless nations now ruled by dictators.

It is now time to give Joe Biden, an honest man with integrity and honesty who honors the rules of law and the historical norms and ideals of a decent, and honorable government, a chance to cool down the heated rhetoric and lead us back to normalcy.

J.G. Piatt,

Santa Ynez

Praying that we unify under Biden

Massive numbers of Americans have spoken via ballots! 78 million elected Joe Biden (306-223 electoral votes) - a "landslide" by Trump’s 2016 criteria - to bring America back together, to put a "U" (United) back into U.S.A. with civility, decency, and respect! But, 73 million voted to support more taking America down as Trump has done in the last four years.

In these years, we have lost our credibility with Trump’s lies and spins, and see results of his promoting a hateful divide, attacking our own people, institutions, values and democracy and failing to deal with COVID-19, which has killed 248,000 and infected 11 million in the needless Trump virus war.

Now, even in the final weeks after losing, Trump continues attacking our election process and is undermining our peaceful transition of power. Simply, these are traitorous acts. We must pray, with the 73 million, that we unify under Biden. If Trumpists can't do this, then I must ask, why do you hate America so much? You are not in my church or country. We’ll be on opposite sides in the civil war that Trump’s trying to initiate to Putin’s pleasure.

Donald Jones

Santa Maria


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