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When ‘news’ is slanted

A recent editorial addressed an issue that may be a major reason the news media is held in such low regard, noting that many news outlets strike back relentlessly when President Trump attacks some of the media.

However, I think you overlooked a major shift in the way news reporting has deteriorated over the years.

In times past, news items began with the basics — what, where, when, who and why, if that is known. But nearly all articles today begin with what we should conclude from the news item, and this opinion is colored by the writer and editor of the article.

Often, when I read the entire article, I find myself wondering why the author/reporter started the story as he or she did, because the factual statements in the article itself do not support the conclusion stated in the first few sentences. And I often note that the first sentences colored my opinion such that if I didn’t read the entire article, I would have come away with an entirely different conclusion than I did upon reading the entire article.

Too often, the front page and much of the front section of the paper really belong in the editorial pages. It seems much of the news has been editorialized by the media to the point of being trivialized.

Jim Vint

Santa Maria

Compliments to dump operators

I am writing to compliment the operators and staff at the the Santa Maria Regional Landfill just east of town.

I am in the process of of moving, and have made several trips there in the past month. As a customer, I see that the facility is well-run, organized and the on-duty staff are all very professional. Please continue the good work there, and thanks for making my "dump runs" easy.

Tim Roberts

Santa Maria

Don't blame peaceful Muslims for attacks

Most Muslims are not terrorists, but peaceful people who are being blamed for the violence created by a small group of radical Muslims trying to get rid of western culture. These radical Muslims believe that their ways are correct.

Examples of these incidents are the London Massacre in June 2017 and the recent attack in New York City. Non-Muslims think that peaceful Muslims are the reason why radical Muslims attack western civilization. One example of Islamophobia in America is Muslim children who are bullied at school when it is clear they weren’t involved with the attacks.

According to Rebecca Clay with the American Psychological Association, “According to a 2015 study of more than 600 Muslim students by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, more than half had experienced bullying —twice as high as the national average.”

I have a friend who is Muslim, and he always kept his thoughts to himself and avoided fights but almost got into a fight with a peer because of his Muslim background. These bullying situations are the result of non-Muslims thinking that these Muslim kids’ parents are affiliated with the terrorist groups and would give vital information to them. I recommend that non-Muslims respect peaceful Muslims because they are not the reason for the terrorist attacks.

Conrad Vargas


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