What will it take?

Try to imagine if President Obama had pardoned several people who had been convicted of lying to cover up crimes by Obama himself. Imagine if Obama had also pardoned four men who had been convicted of a massacre of innocent civilians, men, women and young people, 17 of them.

What if he had pardoned a convicted felon who happened to be his son-in-law's father? What would you think of Obama if he had done that? What would you think of any president who had done that? Even Richard Nixon didn't pardon any of the many men who covered for him and were convicted of those crimes.

How about if Jimmy Carter had considered sending the Army into states that voted for Reagan to try to overturn the election and stay in the White House? What if George H.W. Bush had called in the Marines to try to keep Clinton from taking office?

I guess my real question is, what will it take for people who keep supporting Donald Trump to see the kind of criminal they are rallying behind?

Earl Frounfelter

Santa Maria

Project needs more thought

Just when I thought I could write something positive about this town, I was confronted with this: Permit granted for 3-story apartments in downtown Santa Maria, with reduced parking at seven spaces, on a postage stamp size lot, with 24 required.

It doesn't follow the Downtown Specific Plan. The closest amenities are the mortuary, the tire shop, a tint shop, a thrift store, and a doggie parlor. Where is the closest convenient grocery store for those who don't have a car? Who wants to take the bus shopping and haul groceries home on a bus?

Another project at the northwest corner of Broadway and Main wasn't okayed because of lack of onsite parking. Ask the developer from SLO, what makes this different? Unlike SLO, there is no downtown in Santa Maria.

The article mentions that the project parking is to be expanded outside the site. Where? The shops need parking too. For shopping, and the cost of rent for the units and with lack of transit going to further out areas, is the project going to fulfill these needs? Do we need another white elephant? You know what I mean?

What are the planning commission, and the city council goals for the occupants? Where is the input and transparency for the public? Oh dear, another hastily planned project.

Bill Potts

Santa Maria


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