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Letters to the Editor: Wearing face masks and do unto others; Contesting protest facts; Gates at Oceano Dunes should remain closed

Letters to the Editor: Wearing face masks and do unto others; Contesting protest facts; Gates at Oceano Dunes should remain closed

Wearing face masks and do unto others

When I was a little girl, my father taught me the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Then I read Jesus's words: "Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself." The message I got was that I need to treat others with the care and consideration that I want, and that I have a responsibility to act in ways that care for the well being of others.

And that's why we need to wear face coverings during this pandemic.

Wearing a cloth mask doesn't protect me that much. But if I wear one, it protects you. If you wear one, it protects me. And if we both wear one, the virus is much less likely to infect either of us.

When we wear masks, we are protecting people like my friends Michelle and Owen. They both have cancer, and don't go out at all -- they are prisoners of this pandemic. But their spouses have to go shopping. The masks we wear reduce the chance that they will catch it and bring the virus home to their vulnerable family members. That may be what keeps Michelle and Owen alive.

My friend Eric works in a grocery store. He wears a mask to protect you. If you and other shoppers don't, he will be exposed all day long, increasing his risk of getting the virus. He's performing an essential job, so we can get food. We owe it to him to reduce his risk. And we need him in that job, so we can buy food for our families.

You may not like the government telling you what to do or put on your body. But sometimes that's what it takes to get people to change their habits. So instead of being angry about having to wear a mask, think about how you are practicing the Golden Rule and making the world a little bit safer for your neighbors.

Lee Heller


Contesting protest facts

It appears that any chance the Washington Post or Associated Press have the opportunity to place President Trump in a bad light, they will, whether their narrative is true or not.

A news story said the police cleared out innocent protesters using tear gas and rubber bullets to allow President Trump a clear pathway to a church, which according to the Washington police simply was not true.

I also get exasperated over the many articles saying they had "proof" there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, which has now been proven to have been made up and a complete hoax.

President Trump endured over three years of investigations, including the Mueller investigation, all the time they knew there was nothing to investigate.

As a taxpayer, this should anger you.

Ralph Bush

Arroyo Grande

Gates at Oceano Dunes should remain closed

There are many reasons why the temporarily authorized vehicular entry gates to the Oceano Dunes State Recreation Area, (ODSVRA) at the Pier and Grand Avenue ramps should not be re-opened. Here are 10.

1. Western snowy plover

2. California least tern

3. California red legged frog

4. tidewater goby

5. marsh sandwart

6. La Graciosa thistle

7. surf thistle

8. beach spectalclepod

9. Nipomo Mesa lupine

10. Gambel’s watercress.

These 10 species, recognized by the Endangered Species Act (ESA) are threatened by vehicular activity in the ODSVRA and on Pismo State Beach. Opening their habitat to vehicle access would be a harmful act against two struggling species of birds, two struggling species of amphibians, and eight struggling species of plants.

The Endangered Species Act (ESA) is defined by the variety or value of the habitat as a whole. Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Areas ( ESHA’s), are determined by the presence or absence of threatened, endangered and/or otherwise listed species.

According to the California Coastal Commission, the ODSVRA has been operating in a designated ESHA, which is inconsistent with the California Coastal Act. The County of San Luis Obispo’s Local Coastal Plan also confirms that the activities of the ODSVRA have been occurring in a designated ESHA.

The ODSVRA was closed due to danger to human health from bringing visitors from hotbeds of viral transmission into close proximity with locals. Add concern for 10 other species to the urgency of keeping it closed.

We cannot go backward. Do not open those gates.

Annie Steele

Safe Beach Now


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