Letters to the Editor: We need to stop COVID-19 in our community

Letters to the Editor: We need to stop COVID-19 in our community


We need to stop COVID-19 in our community

The conditions at the Lompoc penitentiary are unacceptable, and I sympathize with all the family members, who have loved ones there, but my main concern is my home town and all of the surrounding cities and their residents. Some of these nonviolent inmates should be sent into home confinement, and limit the burden on the staff.

We still don’t know enough about COVID-19, we know that some get it and don’t even know it, others are gravely ill, and unfortunately some die. At this time there is no vaccine or cure, and it is possible to become reinfected a second time. We were informed that children seemed to be more resilient to COVID-19, but it has started attacking children in a mysterious way, and some have died.

As a community we need to come together and stop COVID-19 before it’s unstoppable within our community. Sending nonviolent inmates from the Lompoc penitentiary into home confinement, will free up resources that it’s surrounding communities need!

Marina Santana



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