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Letters to the Editor: WAMBO!, Seeking commentary from both sides

Letters to the Editor: WAMBO!, Seeking commentary from both sides

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Wear a mask - back off! That’s what I want to say to the smartass ideologs who flaunt common sense public practices while a extremely infectious and deadly virus lurks everywhere in public.

The loose fitting masks that we are required don’t stop the virus in our breathing zone. They do substantially reduce viruses that we may exhale. And with a little distance, our chance of infecting someone else is low. So you COVID deniers, get a clue. Don’t infect other people. Wear a mask - back off! 

Larry Bishop


Seeking commentary from both sides

Your recent editorial regarding the governor’s attempt to force all election offices to issue ballots to all registered voters continues the constant barrage of your left-leaning bent.

You state in the recent Georgia primary voting machines didn’t work properly. It happens. That doesn’t mean it’s a conspiracy. And you say how unfair it is to have “long lines of people waiting in the rain to cast their ballot”. I think that’s amazing. Folks who care enough to vote, who want to cast their ballot in person, standing in the rain to do it!

You lament that not every American can afford to drive to their voting precinct. Give me a break. That’s absurd. Even if they can’t, they have always had the option to vote by mail.

Mail-in voting is not under attack. Citizens who want to vote by mail have been able to for decades. By the way, “the elected leader of the GOP” is everyone’s President. It took more than just Republicans to elect Mr. Trump.

And the ludicrous statement that “there is absolutely no evidence that cheating is even a small part of our election process” can be debunked with some basic research, not to mention common sense.

Then you state “so it takes a little longer to get the end results, what’s the rush?” The longer the results are delayed, the longer there is opportunity for voter fraud.

You throw in a quote from Lebron James? Really? Almost funny if it weren’t sad. All we ask is that you provide editorials and commentary from both sides of the aisle.

Terri Stricklin



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