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Wait and see what this tax bill does to you

Your recent letter to the editor, "Trump tax bill will prove Democats wrong," begs for a reply.

 The writer apparently tanks up on lies and opinions from exclusively right wing sources, then flies to his computer to spew them out all over the rest of us.

Men like the writer and the toddler currently in the White House are apparently deathly afraid of women who are competent, intelligent, and - their greatest sin - powerful.

 The writer claims Trump has many accomplishments, citing a source called "Magapill." What on Earth is that? The name suggests nothing so much as an enormous pill we're supposed to choke down.

Actually, Trump does have some "accomplishments" under his belt. He appointed a Supreme Court justice, after his party obligingly refused to even consider Obama's appointment of a moderate, respected judge for eight long months. Trump's other proposed appointments for federal judgeships have made even friendly Republicans in the Senate choke, like the one who has never argued a case in court and could not identify any of the rules and laws followed in federal courts. Pathetic, even by Trump's standards.

 Finally, the writer got to the tax bill: it's going to be ever so good for all of us; just wait and see.

When exactly is this going to dawn on us? When we get a paltry tax break that will expire in a few years, while the enormous breaks directed to the very rich and to corporations continue without an expiration date? When we notice that, once again, nothing has trickled down to the average person? When we notice that corporations have used this bonanza to enrich their top brass and investors, and modernize their operations in order to cut more jobs? When we notice the enormous deficit caused by this giveaway?

To the writer I say this: Poor baby; just wait until you see what this tax bill does to you.

Judith L McKinnon


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