Vote no on the recall

Reasonable Americans, especially now in California, must wake up before it’s too late. Trumpist Republicans have shown that they cannot win unless these Americans do not vote. First, they holler “fraud”, showing ignorance of our voting system which is bi-partisan, with many protections, at local, state and national levels. Then, also, they lost in many recounts as well as in 60 court complaints, including the Supreme Court twice.

Now, still losing, Trumpists claim they must “fix” the system by changing laws that suppress minority votes and/or to gain state legislative control to reject voters results; 18 state Republican legislatures are doing this by 40 laws. Where they can’t do this, as in California, they must try to recall the governor with insufficient voters responding. If recall is successful (50%), only “highest number of votes … for remainder of … the term” wins. This is, 10% (or less) can put Trumpist Elder in office, costing 17.8 million voters (in 2020) $276 million (or $16 each) for the one year.

Reality and reasonableness say we must not take this for granted; we must vote “no” on the recall and take up your issue with the governor next year. Much damage can be done to California in just one year. Trump has shown this with responsibility for needless COVID deaths and the insurgency attack on our Capitol on Jan. 6.

And now, even after four years, Trump’s legacy of taking America down continues with his hateful divide, lies/spins, and attacks on our American people, institutions, values, and, especially, democracy. Your vote counts – you must vote and vote “no” on the recall.

Donald Jones

Santa Maria

City officials should be wearing masks

Reading the headline,"Santa Maria city employees not subject to COVID-19 vaccine mandate at this time", makes me think about ostriches.

With other cities in California, including Goleta requiring it, why doesn't Santa Maria do it? Just taking someone at their word about being vaccinated is absurd. Granted, there's fake certificates of vaccination out there, and the fact that police and fire departments have no or limited risk dealing with the public, really?

The fact that several members of the City Council have gone mask-free despite the mandate speaks volumes as an example for the general public. It seems that just going by the guidelines and not beyond, is like saying that you'll only do the minimum to get by and not anything else right now.

Being a retired government employee that sounds about right. There's some exemptions, medical and religious, but even reading that some medical personnel are refusing to be vaccinated baffles me. With all the conspiracy theories abounding, and freedoms supposedly compromised, what about other vaccines? Polio, measles, diphtheria and others, would you refuse those?

For the safety of us all, especially the example government officials set for a community with a 63 percent vaccination rate, I hope they do more. We elected some some of them, others were appointed. Step up and look out for all of us. This seems to be a dereliction of duty for some elected officials. I'm hopeful that we can get back to normal soon.

Bill Potts

Santa Maria


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