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Vote for normal, everyday Californians

California's leadership "hates" the working and middle class. I'm not speaking in hyperbole here either. You know the old saying, 'Actions speak louder than words'? Well, what can we infer from the recent actions of the state government besides seething contempt for ordinary people?

Two massive hikes in the gas tax in the same year, a failure to hold onto the bountiful rain water we received in the middle of a drought during which levies broke and flooded farms and more recently, a decriminalization of willingly and knowingly giving someone HIV/AIDS.

The act of willfully destroying someone's life with a deadly virus now bears the same punishment as littering on the side of the road. These gas taxes come on top of a multitude of other taxes we are burdened with here in California. How much was your last grocery bill, for instance? The taxes affect everyone. And in a few years, these contemptible "representatives" mean to close Diablo Canyon power plant.

Remember those rolling brownouts from years ago? I sure do. And you'd have to coat the entire valley in solar panels and wind farms (which will puree and roast birds by the metric ton) in order to match the power needs filled by Diablo Canyon. What's the alternative? Why, buying power from out of state, of course. Which means even higher taxes and more expensive cost of living.

When you look at the actions of the people we've placed to represent us in the state senate and governor's office, it is clear to see that there is nothing but cruelty and contempt for people such as you and I. Stop voting for the D or the R, this coming election. Vote for someone who at the very least doesn't hate normal, everyday Californians.

Zack Brown

Santa Maria