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Vietnam War Veterans Day should be recognized

Shame on the people and the media in this country who failed to highlight National Vietnam War Veterans Day on Thursday, March 29.

On March 28, 2017, President Trump signed the Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act of 2017. This act officially recognizes March 29 as National Vietnam War Veterans Day. The Act also includes the day among those days on which the flag should be displayed. These brave men and women fought for freedom for our country and no one saluted them or recognized them on their special day.

Many of these veterans are homeless or suffer from mental illnesses like PTSD or have serious medical problems. We can’t recognize our Vietnam veterans but illegal immigrants in this country are provided with free housing, free medical care and food stamps. We the taxpayers even pay for their education.

Is it because President Trump signed the act? Even though the media hates him is no reason to ignore what he did to help recognize these veterans. Let’s not forget all of our veterans, but honor them.

Suzanne M. de St. Jean

Santa Maria

Make your vote count

June 5 is the time for us — you and me, Republican, Democrat, Independent — to stop and think for the replacement of a member of Congress.

This really isn't about our party but what is best for California’s 24th District House seat and America.

Researching past records of Salud Cabajal do you remember on Feb.14, 2017, he co- wrote and signed a letter to the U.S. Department of Transportation requesting the Federal Infrastructure Funding Program funds be used for the California high-speed rail project instead of on deteriorating roads, bridges and other underfunded infrastructure. And about that time didn't Orville Dam collapse?

We have two Republican candidates running for this seat. One has run several times unsuccessfully, and a candidate who owns

his own business and has an interest in repairing California. These past failures need to be rectified. New blood is needed.

America is a country that produces citizens who will cross the ocean to fight for democracy but won't cross the street to vote. Cross that street on June 5.

Anita Dwyer


Supporting Lingl in election

I was at an eatery Sunday where I was panhandled three different times in the space of 50 yards. The murder of a homeless man had just occurred at a city park just yards away.

We cannot stand for this. It is time for honor farms to be established for these wandering souls who have become a danger to themselves and this community. They need structure and a sense of belonging. They need to grow their own food and work like the rest of us. They need our help, not just our pity and benign neglect.

Another blight on our quality of life is the out-of-control state of traffic. While being panhandled, a constant flow of speeding cars and huge trucks exceed the 80 decibel noise limit on H Street. I realize the police department is undermanned but they could collect thousands of dollars of revenue by simply enforcing the law on illegal non-factory vehicle emissions systems.

It's a shame that council members Starbuck, Vega and Mosby wasted $500,000 of taxpayers money on an unpopular drag strip when sorely needed monies could have been used for purposes that improved our quality of life instead of demeaning it.

The Lompoc Valley Neighborhood Alliance will be supporting Mayor Lingl for re-election. 

AJ Tarman

Lompoc Valley Neighborhood Alliance