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Letters to the Editor: UVP connection sooner rather than later; Osvaldo is positive change Santa Maria needs; Cunningham only candidate worth supporting

Letters to the Editor: UVP connection sooner rather than later; Osvaldo is positive change Santa Maria needs; Cunningham only candidate worth supporting

UVP connection sooner rather than later

After reading your article on the plan to connect Union Valley Parkway to Rodeo Drive at the Elks Unocal Event Center, I'm struck by how long it will take for the connection to actually get built.

I wrote a letter to the editor over a year ago concerning this and county Supervisor Peter Adam and community members have also supported it. I have a couple of questions. I'm assuming that county officials, the planning department knew of this in the past. Now with a new Agricultural Education and Career Technical Education Center under construction, I'm asking why does the red tape and delays for this taking so long?

Yes, I get that revenues for the county and state are down due to COVID-19, but come on, three years or more for all the necessary paperwork, especially from Caltrans, before construction actually begins.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but in the 25 years of living here, there was at one time talk of developing housing development, a school, and a park for the area around the new school proposed by the Santa Maria Joint Union High School District. It fell through. Now with the school scheduled to open next year, what will it take to open that 2,500 feet of road?

Will it be an accident or multiple ones? For the state and the county to drag their feet in accomplishing this is maddening. That it was left out of the Orcutt plan, just shows me that those in planning who aren't elected to those positions need to be replaced with forward looking people that listen instead of giving excuses.

This has happened with other projects, including the entrance to Costco on Bradley Road. My other question is why are the citizens not being listened to, and why are officials afraid to admit their mistakes? Work together with Caltrans and make this happen before some fatality happens. And please, be a little more proactive.

Bill Potts

Santa Maria

Osvaldo is positive change Santa Maria needs

Being born and raised in Santa Maria is something of importance to me when I begin looking at City Council candidates. This is why I am supporting Osvaldo Sotelo. Osvaldo can relate to my community — both the people and the culture of our city. I trust him to advocate for our district more than another candidate would because of his history here. He grew up here, just like I did.

Repaving and repainting our streets in District 1 is something our City Council should invest in. As someone who frequently drives through these streets, this initiative could go a long way in beautifying our district. Osvaldo is a great leader who can get things done, so I believe he will address the needs of the people living in my district along with my own.

Osvaldo Sotelo is committed to the youth of Santa Maria. A friend of mine has personally worked with Osvaldo in a leadership training position. Osvaldo successfully helped him hone his skills in communication, accountability, and management. I am confident Osvaldo will continue to uplift our local youth and help them achieve their goals.

Osvaldo is the positive change Santa Maria needs. His history in Santa Maria and love for our youth will improve our community for many years to come. A vote for Osvaldo is a vote for our community.

Czarlyn Camba

Santa Maria

Cunningham only candidate worth supporting

Wondering who to vote for in the local race for Assembly?

Only one candidate has taken on the tech giants to protect our kids’ privacy. Only one candidate has secured hundreds of millions of dollars for critical infrastructure projects. Only one candidate has helped pass landmark climate change policy. Only one candidate has shown up to meet with voters at candidate forums. And only one candidate knows firsthand how difficult it is to keep a small business afloat in this state.

Jordan Cunningham is the only candidate in this race worth supporting.

Anamaria Unger

Paso Robles


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