Using a polygraph would save innocents

The question is why? If you want a career in law enforcement, or high ranking government jobs, you are required to take a polygraph examination. Yet people are sent to prison daily without the benefit of the polygraph, sometimes on eyewitness accounts, which actually is hearsay, why?

The government is more concerned with those trying to break into our country being torn from their children than they are our own citizens being torn from their children and family by being sent to prison for crimes they did not commit. This needs to be changed.

I have written to Salud Carbajal with no response. People accused of any crime must be offered the polygraph. so we can save the innocent from prison. Eyewitness identification is proven wrong 70 percent of the time. Do you like those odds? The government is more concerned with closing a case than they are making sure the person is guilty. So because the accused are not offered the polygraph, innocents go to prison while the guilty walk away free. Write you Congress person, they can change this.

Vants Anseth


A little double talk

Pelosi, Newsom, Obama and other prominent Democratic liberals for years have said that we need no border wall, that we have the responsibility to welcome and assist illegal immigrants/refugees with open arms. They went so far as to establish sanctuary cities and states ... yet scream when President Trump says he'll deliver those here illegally to them, to their doorsteps, at federal expense,

Really? Why wouldn't they be thrilled at the prospect? Why wouldn't they openly welcome the offer? Possibly because the President actually listened to them, he heard their invitations and is willing to open the border just for them? Whoops!

Now the same people scream that the President is proposing to "dump" these same "immigrants" in their cities and state as a vindictive measure for not supporting the funding of the border wall. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt on this one, I would have at least considered this myself.

My advice to them ... be careful, you just might get what you said you wanted.

Heck, their presidential candidates are using immigration reform, free reign admittance to the U.S., and amnesty as part of their 2020 Presidential election platforms. So what's wrong with taking them up on their word?

Answer? "Dump" them elsewhere, anywhere, but not in my backyard, not in my city, not in my state. Clearly double talk. 

One man's opinion, and it's mine.

Don Buck


Congress needs to act on immigration

Judicial Watch sent Chris Farrell, director of investigations, to Guatemala for a first-hand view of the first migrant caravan heading towards our border. Here are some of his observations.

The news media would have us believe that the caravan was full of women and children but Farrell estimated that 90 to 95 percent of the caravan was made up of men between 15 and 45 years of age and there were certainly criminal elements in the caravan. There were also children who had been recovered from human smugglers using the caravan as cover. The women and children were always made visible to the news media.

The caravan was highly organized, very elaborate, and a sophisticated orchestration of desperate people by a group pushing a political agenda. This group was called “Pueblos Sin Fronteras” and they had hundreds of workers organizing the caravan. This was costing someone millions of dollars. The organizers provided food, water, transportation, medical equipment, mobile hospitals and child services.

American media also led the public to believe that the marchers walked the majority of the route but the vast majority used chartered tour buses at various times throughout the journey.

When Ferrell spoke with the marchers, he started every interview with the question: “Why are you coming to America?” They all said that their reason was economic. It was job driven. Then, someone would say, “oh yeah, we’re also fleeing violence”. When asked , “if things are so bad, why did you leave your family back home?”, they couldn’t answer that question.

The apprehensions at our border will exceed 1 million this year. Using the lowest estimate of 90 percent for men between 15 and 45 years of age, we will have an additional 900,000 unemployed males in the U.S. by years end, many being of the criminal element.

And our Congress does nothing.

Al Hesson


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