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Trump's take on Russia investigation wishful thinking

As a presidential candidate, Donald Trump’s oft repeated campaign mantra, “Lock her up,” has been replaced by President Trump’s insistence that “there is no collusion,” and that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is a Democrat inspired “witch hunt.”

While it is reasonable to assume that the President of the United States is privy to information unknown to the rest of us, it is not reasonable, except to his support base, that he can claim exoneration in an investigation far from completed, and in which he is, presumably, a principal subject of that investigation.

His denial of any and all culpability in admitted contacts by his campaign staff and family members with Vladimir Putin associates both before and after the Presidential campaign defies logic and flies in the face of what facts are known to date.

Why else would he solicit the” loyalty” of FBI Director James Comey and subsequently fire him when it was not forthcoming? Why else would he insist that his personal financial records are beyond a line that Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation cannot cross?

Trump’s claim that the Russia investigation is nearing completion and that there will be no indictments for collusion or obstruction of justice may prove to be accurate but are more likely expressions of wishful thinking by an understandably nervous President.

Robert Hoffman

Santa Maria