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Letters to the Editor: Trump proves that true leaders offer solutions; Reality makes fears of COVID-19 real; Why I support Dawn Addis for Assembly

Letters to the Editor: Trump proves that true leaders offer solutions; Reality makes fears of COVID-19 real; Why I support Dawn Addis for Assembly

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Trump proves that true leaders offer solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic slowdown gives me time to reflect on past studies leading to my masters in public administration.

How does a government control the population in a free society? The answer is through fear. This COVID-19 pandemic has given states under Democratic party control the perfect excuse to put the squeeze on their citizens.

This pandemic allows us to critically examine the stark differences between conservative (Republican) and liberal (Democrat) philosophy and ideology.

Conservatism places the responsibility for health and safety on the individual; whereas under Liberalism the government decides and dictates what is best for the citizenry. This contrast explains why officials and organizations so strongly oppose President Donald Trump.

His decisions, policies, accomplishments, and rhetoric fly in the face of the controlling “old guard”. He fearlessly challenges the “Goliaths” of old power house elitist career politicians, global business interests, media and social establishments. Their hate of the President is stoked by the strong passionate support of the common man.

President Trump has become the new biblical “David” of the American people. His infection and subsequent medical progress drive the media and political opponents into a “shark feeding frenzy” because he flies in their faces, thus disproving their liberal insistence that everyone must be paralyzed by fear.

Instead he is living proof that true leaders offer positive hopeful solutions to problems. That he is correct when he states that American technology and science is the best in the world. That “In God We Trust” is the predominant American philosophy.

Ted Suchecki


Reality makes fears of COVID-19 real

I see our president has told us not to fear COVID-19. I'm sure I could go along with that if I knew that everyone I came in contact with had just been tested for the virus, with the results of the test immediately available, and I was tested a few times a day by my personal doctor who was always there.

Also, if I had a helicopter standing by to fly me from home to a hospital where a private suite was always waiting for me, and there were doctors there 24 hours a day to administer to me every conceivable treatment known to even possibly help in fighting the virus.

Unfortunately I don't live in that world. The world I and everyone else around me lives in has many more hazards. One of those potential hazards is running out of money. I guess I could learn to not be afraid of that either, if I had inherited tens of millions of dollars from my father.

My father was a very nice man who would have given me those millions, but he worked two jobs just to keep us in decent housing and clothing and food. I suppose what I am trying to say here is that it is difficult to take advice from a person who has lived a life as free from the worries that most of us face as our current president has.

That would be true, I think, even if his life history demonstrated a much greater consistency of truthfulness and concern for others than the facts demonstrate in the case of this particular president.

Earl Frounfelter

Santa Maria

Why I support Dawn Addis for Assembly

As a former teacher, I am inspired by Dawn Addis, herself a teacher. Dawn Addis is an honest, sincere person, who takes great pride in her family. My husband and I have been guests in her cozy home, and have met her husband and two sons.

I believe in Dawn, and have been volunteering to help send her message to fellow residents of State Assembly District 35, since January. You have been seeing excellent TV and radio ads, and beautiful informative flyers in the mail because of a dedicated group of volunteers who have been able to raise money from our neighbors and friends, residents of this district.

Dawn Addis is endorsed by the Sierra Club and the California League of Conservation Voters.

Elizabeth Swierk



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