Tick-borne illnesses explain vaccine decision

To begin with, I am not against vaccines but I am compelled to explain why I have not yet been vaccinated. I have chronic illnesses that I have not been able to get effectively treated.

I have autoimmune health issues from two tick-borne illnesses. I am concerned that the COVID mRNA vaccines will accelerate the systemic destruction caused by tick-borne relapsing fever and Rocky Mountain spotted fever that I most likely contracted while working as a land surveyor.

Tick-borne disease patients have a higher rate of chronic fatigue, blood clotting and neurological issues, just like thousands of COVID "long haulers". The CDC estimates that 300,000 Americans contract tick-borne illnesses every single year and most physicians are reluctant to treat the 30% to 45% of patients that fail the woefully inadequate initial treatment modalities.

Flare ups of inadequately treated tick-borne illnesses frequently result in debilitating chronic fatigue, heart attacks and strokes. Physicians decline appointments to tick-borne disease patients that have failed initial therapies because physicians frequently are subject to state medical board complaints and adverse disciplinary actions for attempting to treat chronic tick-borne disease patients.

The American Medical Association, the CDC and the Congressional Tick-Borne Disease Working Group know about this tick-borne disease discrimination that continues unabated to this day.

I am currently undergoing extensive blood testing to uncover whether I have a propensity to develop blood clots. I believe that the vast majority of the adverse reactions to the COVID vaccine are because of occult or inadequately treated tick-borne illnesses.

The CDC websites are devoid of any reference or guidance to patients with tick-borne illnesses that seek to be safely vaccinated for COVID-19.

Walter Taylor


The dream of America

Thirty years ago on Aug. 13,1981, President Reagan signed the Economic Recovery Act into law at Rancho del Cielo. It was the largest tax cut in American history, designed to limit government intervention and return economic freedoms to the American people.

“It is not my intention to do away with government. It is rather to make it work with us, not over us; to stand by our side, not ride on our back. Government can and must provide opportunity and foster productivity, not stifle it. The federal government has taken too much tax money from the people, too much authority from the states, and too much liberty with the Constitution.”

Unlike today’s White House, Reagan was an American who loved his country and its people. Liberals hated him just as they hated George Bush and Donald Trump, simply because they stood up for America – totally unlike today’s liberal government, including elitists in the media, education, business, the FBI and even high-ranking military officials.

Biden’s not only allowing millions of illegals into the country unnamed, unvetted and unvaccinated, he’s busing and flying them all around at taxpayer expense. He and his supporters are not only having a field day at America’s expense, they’re getting worse by the day. They must be stopped, otherwise the dream of a free America will disappear into the dust of time.

Larry Bargenquast

Paso Robles

Water woes and power needs

The Oroville Dam is at seriously low water levels. Pumping water to an upper storage area to sustain power production at night can’t be sustained with low water levels. Water from the Oroville Dam supports 800,000 homes, but where are all the promised water storage back-ups?

So, the federal Bureau of Reclamation, the Army Corps of Engineers, California Department of Water Resources and agricultural irrigation districts, cities and counties constructed the elements of California's water system. Did they maintain them? Did they expand them as populations grew? The answer is no.

Since 1970, California voters approved 15 of the 16 water bonds. But most of the money has gone to water conservation and recycling, not water storage. Then, 2014 voters approved Prop. 1 allocating $7.1 billion for water projects followed by Prop. 68 allocating another $4.0 billion for water projects; 29% went to storage. Suddenly, drought occurs and has Sacramento prepared for it? No.

California government has "wished" 33% of power will come from solar or wind in some ridiculous timeframes. Wishing it doesn't make it so. Solar energy has real downsides: a) solar energy cannot produce electricity at nighttime; b) cloudy day solar energy is reduced to 10 to 25 percent of the electricity produced on sunny days. Likewise, wind produced electricity is unreliable since little or no wind occurs more frequently than advertised.

California has no battery back-up, even on solar contributing homes. California’s battery back-up is purchase from other states. But, then drought affects them too.

The planned outages that we experienced in 2020 will return in 2021. What if state government ended the risky idea and allowed production from fossil fuels? Then rotating outages other than fire-driven fears could be avoided. They can’t build storage, that money was squandered who-knows-where.

California could forego its fantasy quest to stop global warming in the interest of its citizen safety. The 800,000 homes getting power from Oroville Dam might like the idea. Then again, maybe the other 40+ million citizens occupying a home, rental , school or business would not. No, you get what you elect.

Gary Smith


Get vaccinated, please

Lambda. That is the new COVID-19 virus variant. The news does not look good. Seems Lambda might be resistant to vaccines. Peru, where it was first identified, relies on the Chinese vaccine which is not nearly as effective as the ones in the United States so we are not sure. 

COVID-19 appears to be the Energizer bunny of viruses. It keeps going and going and getting worse. The Delta variant now accounts for 93% of the virus infections here. The only way to combat a virus is to stop the spread. Let me say that again -- stop the spread.

A virus needs a host, you and me, to spread and mutate. We have ways to stop the spread but way too many people are not using them. Wear a mask, social distance and get a vaccine. Those are the soldiers we have now to stop the spread in the COVID war. Lambda may be really bad but if we do not stop the spread, and who knows what the next variant may be like.

If you believe the information coming out of India, we are closing in on 9 million people dead worldwide. How many more do you want to kill because you will not do your part in this war of the virus? How many more is okay? Get vaccinated, please.

Rick Tibben



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