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Thanks for Angel of Hope column

We want to thank the Santa Maria Times and Mark James Miller for the commentary titled “Angel of Hope Service Offers, Comfort, Healing,” and for highlighting our annual Angel of Hope Memorial Service on Saturday, Dec. 2 at the Santa Maria Cemetery.

Those in attendance had memorial bricks there in remembrance of their children. Some came because they had read about our service and never knew we had such an angel or how it came about.

After prayer and words of remembrance, white carnations and memorial booklets with our children’s names were given out. If you were not able to attend our service and want a booklet please contact me at 805 868-4855. We also thank the families and friends who came to our service. We all share a common bond filled with pain and loss, but although our children may be gone they will never, ever be forgotten.

Suzanne “Sam” and Glen de St. Jean

Angel of Hope Ministry, Santa Maria

Tax bill won't help middle-class much

With the Republicans on the cusp of passing what is being billed as the greatest middle class tax cut in the nation’s history, and President Trump lamenting that he and his family will be hurt “bigly,” try as I may, I cannot fathom how this typical middle class taxpayer will realize much, if any, benefit.

As a member of the political party currently on the outside looking in, I am not surprised that any tax reform passed by the current administration would mirror economic policies they have long espoused and that these changes would be at the expense of policies enacted under the Obama administration.

Reward the rich and their largesse will “trickle down” to the working class in the form of more and better jobs and higher wages, or so they would like us to believe. Problem is, this oft-tried economic model has never performed as advertised and has inevitably tanked the economy.

Consumer demand creates jobs. Put these tax savings in the hands of consumers and they will spend these dollars on goods and services which will, in fact, create more, and better paying jobs. Bottom line is, no one likes being conned, especially when the con job is so blatant. Call this tax reform what it is; an accelerated transfer of wealth from the middle class to the wealthy.

That our stock market is setting record highs is more a reflection of Wall Street licking its chops at the prospect of being handed a corporate “license to steal” than of the overall health of our economy. In truth, it has been on a positive trajectory since being rescued from a near meltdown during the closing year of the George Bush administration. Stock values at the end of the next fiscal year will more accurately reflect the impact of tax reform on our economy.

Robert Hoffman

Santa Maria