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Thank you for successful forum

As President of the Santa Maria Valley League of Women Voters, I would like to thank on behalf of the SMVLWV the Santa Maria Times, Allan Hancock College and the Fund For Santa Barbara for collaborating on a very successful and well attended forum on Feb. 20.

It was held at the beautiful PCPA theatre with the topic “Media Literacy: Recognizing Fake New… and What to Do About It."

The panelists were all exceptional and for those who did not have a chance to attend, it can be viewed at the Santa Maria Times website,, in its entirety both in Spanish and English.

The SMLWV continues to provide information to the community with the goal of assisting in the development of well informed voters. For further information on the League of Women Voters please email the Santa Maria Valley League at

Lisa Thornhill


Santa Maria Valley League of Women Voters

So many ways to be killed

The hysteria of owning a gun because it kills is ludicrous. Cars kill, knives kill, phone cords kill, and so on.

Does this mean we have to give these up because some brainless person doesn't know right from wrong? Incidentally, knives kill more than guns.

As for guns, when our forefathers talked of protecting themselves, they did not know of assault rifles for protection.

Where has common sense gone? Do you think those who bought their assault gun off the street abide by gun laws?

Bang, bang, you’re dead seems to be the game of choice for young people. Are parents parenting their kids?

Anita Dwyer


Cost of arming teachers merits talk

Many valid arguments have been made about the dangers of arming teachers and bringing more guns into schools. One that I have not seen addressed is financial. A Times editorial said that it would cost more than $1,000 per gun and that does not include the costs of arms and disaster training.

Beyond that though is the issue of liability. Who will be responsible for paying for the mental health sessions that a teacher would need if he/she accidentally shoots an innocent student in the crossfire? Who would pay the teacher's legal costs if the student's family sues for wrongful death? Who would be responsible for the damages awarded to the bereaved family?

Paying teachers a bonus for arming themselves on school property and essentially becoming the first line of defense against an AR-15 is a minor part of all the costs that could be involved in a teacher shooting.

Kathleen Halbig

Santa Maria