Thank you for smooth vaccine process

I wish to commend Allan Hancock College for providing the community a venue to access receiving the Moderna vaccines for healthcare workers and over age 65 population in January and February.

Thanks to local TV news in providing the link, the process in accessing the website to pre-register for the appointments was simple and straightforward.

On site, the medical staff and volunteers were on hand to guide and answer any questions including AMR and the Santa Maria Fire Department at all the check monitoring stations. They were well informed, customer oriented and helpful.

The entire process took under one hour, and no parking snarls to deal with. Overall, it was a swift and smooth operation and I appreciate the city's and Santa Barbara County's response in making this urgent service available, given what other metropolitan areas have had to contend with.

Thank you!

Danielle McGraw

Santa Maria

Health related 'executive power' criteria needed

Has America become fearful, worried, timid and afraid of health-related pandemics with a “the sky is falling“ syndrome?

Let’s first acknowledge that America has the world’s leading healthcare scientists and professionals, capable of combating any threat, including viruses like COVID-19.

Should we be fearful when we have these very capable warriors? Our American democracy prioritizes the rights and liberties of its individual citizens, not the government. We need politicians who protect these rights through pragmatic and brave decisions.

Being “pragmatic” is defined as “dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is practical not theoretical." Brave is defined as “ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage”. These are character attributes that our political leaders need to properly address today’s healthcare challenges.

How then did we do addressing the COVID challenge? Death or mortality data is the only valid criteria that can’t easily be misleading or manipulated, so let’s look at recent mortality rates for answers.

There are currently over 500,000 deaths associated with COVID in America, this represents 16/100 of 1% of our 330,052,960 population, leaving the vast majority of us or 99.84% COVID death free.

In addition, the total additional deaths in the U.S. from 2019 to 2020 are far less than the additional COVID 500,000 deaths would reflect. Obviously the impact of the COVID pandemic has been exaggerated.

If mortality criteria were used, a pragmatic review would find disastrous governmental decisions were made, crushing our economy and crippling our freedoms. Decisions were based on assumptions of unmanageable impacts, manipulated data and incorrect conclusions. This bungled pandemic response should dictate that immediate action to establish practical health related “executive power” criteria needs to be enacted.

These new laws must ensure individual freedoms and conclude that government should recommend solutions, but leave healthcare protective decisions to each American. Let’s eliminate all executive powers that allow lock-downs or otherwise restrict the freedoms of Americans and establish sensible regulations for future “executive” actions with pragmatic solutions for both the brave and not so brave among us.

Chuck Crockett

Pismo Beach


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