Supreme Court seems to accept neofascism

It seems Texas is a rather difficult place to live if your social status fits into a couple of specific categories. The state legislature has set up voting road blocks detrimental to people of color. Another group is being exposed for having an abortion by a citizen who can sue and make $10,000. Thus, snitching for profit.

This sounds familiar. In Central Europe in the 1930s and 40s, people had their right to vote removed. Also, snitching on your fellow citizen was encouraged by the government.

Denial of rights and being exposed by another citizen ... What could possibly go wrong? There is a term for this type of governing ... neofascism.

This Supreme Court seems to think this is fine!

John Waddell


Hats off to Central Coast Chordsmen

Have you ever heard of the Central Coast Chordsmen? Well if you were fortunate enough to view the recent Elk's Rodeo Parade you would have seen them.

They were aboard a hay-bale stacked truck and were hard to miss in their trademark red and white striped vests and boater hats. Even more than the eye-catching outfits were the ear-catching songs they performed. All along the parade route they serenaded the crowd with patriotic songs such as “America the Beautiful” and “This is My Country”.

At every stop the crowd joined in with the singing - the appreciation was evident on the faces of young and old, in their voices and flag waving display. And, to top it all, the Central Coast Chordsmen took first place in one of six categories in the parade.

A hearty hats-off to these dedicated singers who strive to bring joy, great music and patriotism to our community.

Marilyn Bensen

Santa Maria

Think carefully before voting in another Arnold

Twice now, the citizens have taken matters in their own hands and started a recall for Democrat governors, Gray Davis and now Gavin Newsom.

Each has done great damage to the once great State of California.

Citizens have organized to recall Governor Newsom because of his detrimental policies on commerce, finance, taxes and the COVID lockdown. The huge effort to get the 1 million-plus signatures was accomplished by a cross-section of voters of all political strips. This recall is for "all" of the voters, not one party. All the voters are fed up.

Now that we have done it, we must vote Governor Newsom out of office overwhelmingly so we will have a mandate to change California for the better. Newsom does not care about the voters, his driving support is the civil service and teacher's unions who you will see are supporting him. He is their cash cow as was Gray Davis.

But once we have voted Newsom out, we must select a qualified candidate to replace him who will lead the state strongly and in the right direction. There are now 46 candidates running for this job. Only two have any government experience.

A strong businessman is also running who came close to beating Governor Newsom in the last election.

The last thing we need is another Arnold Schwarzenegger, who talked a good job but never knew which way was up. Right now a look alike is Larry Elder, a radio announcer. He talks for change, but has no experience. It is easy to sit in a radio studio closet and blab over a microphone but have no notion of how to run things outside or develop a winning budget.

Elder is another Arnold, and should not be encouraged to run. He is just a lot of words on a microphone that can be heard primarily in the LA area.

The most prominent candidate with all of the qualifications to hit the street running with a short learning curve is Kevin Kiley, Assemblyman for  Sacramento, ElDorado and Placer counties.

He is a graduate of Harvard and Yale law schools. As an assemblyman, he has been in the forefront of the recall effort. He has led the fight to reopen our schools. He is a conservative who knows the political system in the state and can be the most effective influence to make changes for us.

A second good candidate it Kevin Faulconer, the ex-mayor of San Diego, third largest city in California. He also knows the government organization and can be almost as effective. A well-qualified businessman is John Cox, of San Diego, and past governor candidate.

So please do not vote for the loudest mouth in the lineup again, vote for Kevin Kiley et al.

Justin M. Ruhge



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