Letters to the Editor: Supporting Andy Caldwell; Neo-liberals should look in the mirror; Support your local animal shelter; Thank you for towing help

Letters to the Editor: Supporting Andy Caldwell; Neo-liberals should look in the mirror; Support your local animal shelter; Thank you for towing help

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Supporting Andy Caldwell

We write in support of Andy Caldwell for Congress and also to commend the Record for its front-page article about Andy's candidacy.

Andy has been a major pubic figure in the North County for many years. He founded COLAB almost 30 years ago which has been a very positive influence  in our county.

As our representative in Congress he will, we are convinced, seek to promote the needs and values of our district.

We are proud to support his candidacy.

Earl and Joan Jones


Neo-liberals should look in the mirror

After their failed Trump impeachment and Iowa caucus debacles the Democrats are running scared. Honestly, did they actually believe they were going to take down the President of the United States without any witnesses, evidence or proof? Is anyone really that stupid?

The whole idea of getting rid of Trump was nothing more than a fantasy for losers anyway, especially since they had nothing to offer except identity politics, class warfare, hysteria, lies, hatred and anger. Like spoiled little kids who resent everything and everyone because they’re not in charge, these people will stop at nothing until they get their way.

However, there’s more to it than that. With their singular aversion to respect, decency and common sense, there’s a darkness that’s not to be trusted. Liberty and freedom should be everyone’s trust regardless of party affiliation, but these so-called neo-liberals who set themselves up as pillars of truth are nothing but a disgrace. If they could only see themselves as others see them there might be some hope, but as it now stands this is a party that simply can’t be fixed.

Larry Bargenquast

Paso Robles

New Prop. 13 is misleading 

Please read this new ballot measure carefully. The information on page 14 of the Official Voter Information Guide under the subject heading of:

'Changes Local Funding Rules for Districts' indicates that under this new law, school districts will be allowed to nearly double their borrowing debt.

And at whose expense? If your property is assessed at the proposed higher limit, from 1.25% and 2.5% to 2% and 4%, doesn't that mean higher property taxes?

Sounds like this fake Prop. 13 is an end run around the original Prop. 13; perhaps an effort to gut it and jeopardize the ability of many of us to afford and stay in the homes we currently own.

Diane Provost

Arroyo Grande 

Thank you for towing help 

We wish to extend our deepest appreciation and thankfulness to the very thoughtful lady who alerted us to the problem regarding towing our trailer near the Pork Palace South of Buellton.

We would also like to extend the same gratitude to the two Highway Patrolmen who helped us get back underway cautiously and safely.

A sincere thank you.

Terry and Carol Ammen


Support your local animal shelter

While the Humane Society of the United States often partners with local shelter organizations, we are not an umbrella organization with which all local humane societies are affiliated; if we were, the number of animals we would claim to rescue and care for would be in the billions!

Additionally, while Humane Society International is an affiliate organization to the HSUS, they are also not affiliated with local shelters. The Santa Maria and Santa Barbara shelter organizations are independent non-profit organizations, and are in dire need of direct support from the communities they serve. 

 Thank you so much for supporting your local shelter!

Andrew Keller

The Humane Society of the United States



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