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Standing up against tyranny

Another letter from a staunch supporter of President Trump. No off-the-wall claim or outright lie falls from his lips that she does not defend.

The immigrants who have arrived or are en route to our borders, desperate to apply for asylum and the chance to live in comparative safety and even earn a living here, walking hundreds of miles. They are fleeing conditions they are allegedly guilty of creating.

Trump has ordered troops to the border and authorized them to use force if an asylum seeker lobs a rock. Retired, high-ranking military men have spoken out about this, that this is an expensive, grandstanding attempt to garner votes.

The letter writer also believes "illegals" voted, despite statements from election officials, many of them Republicans, there was not voter fraud. Despite GOP gerrymandering, purging of voter rolls, and placing voting locations where they could not be reached by voters without cars, the midterms did not work out well for Trump and the people he campaigned for.

California does not allow gerrymandering, and the election of liberals and women shows where voters' preferences lie, when not interfered with.

The letter writer is appalled that some individuals have confronted Trump appointees and functionaries in public. I guess she wasn't paying attention when a hulking Trump followed behind Hillary Clinton during the debates, calling her a nasty woman. Or how about the people at his rallies chanting "lock her up" and beating up reporters?

We don't need to worry about terrorists from South America. We need to worry about the homegrown, white male terrorists murdering us with their easily-acquired weapons of mass destruction.

Judith L. McKinnon


Climate Change? Check the facts

Because the news media is controlled by the left we get a daily, hysterical bombardment about "climate change.” Yes, there is a change in the climate as there has been since the beginning of time, however, there is no empirical proof that it is caused by man.

On Dec. 11, 1987, the New York Times printed an article by someone predicting the sea level would rise 7 feet by the year 2000, has anyone seen a rise in the sea level? In fact, Queensland University has placed 13 tidal gauges throughout the Pacific Ocean and has found there is absolutely no change in the Pacific Ocean level and this finding has been backed up by the Scripps Institute of Oceanography in LaJolla.

Science is based on provable facts, not consensus. A group of scientists did not sit around and vote if water boiled at 212 degrees Fahrenheit at sea level. Empirical evidence proved it and there is no empirical evidence proving the theory of man causing a worldwide temperature change as shown in geologist Dr. Gregory Wrightstone's well-researched book, “Inconvenient Facts.” NASA Climatologist, Dr. Roy Spencer has offered to debate Al Gore on Gore's theory on global warming any time and any place, but has always been turned down. I wonder why?

Ralph Bush

Arroyo Grande


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