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Some reasons Trump is a good president

I'm writing in response to recent letter asking for us to explain reasons Trump is a good president.

It's extremely difficult to get things done when your detractors spend every waking moment trying to block you and tear you down.

What’s puzzling is the closed mindedness and personal attacks on his family. Making fun of the First Lady's accent. Really? The so-called progressives loath this president so much and hate that he was elected. Nothing else matters, including the country. To drag down this president and scrutinize every little detail not only is disrespectful to the office but does a disservice to its citizens.

Bill and Hillary were such stand-up pillars of society?

So far this President has cut taxes, stood up to North Korea, is getting our manufacturing industries back and productive, isn’t influenced by big money, and is a Christian.

Richard Wilson

Santa Maria

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