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Solvang residents deserve annexation vote

The Solvang City Council will soon consider annexation and possible new land uses for 17 parcels to the west on Highway 246, where hay fields are, and to the northeast on Alamo Pintado Road, where there are row crops and a pumpkin patch.

The first hearings on the Sphere of Influence/Annexation Report are Feb.5 for Solvang’s Planning Commission and Feb. 26 for City Council.

Solvang would be almost 30 percent bigger if the 450 acres are annexed to its existing 1,550 acres. The 17 parcel owners were told there could be potential for retail, commercial, parkland and residential development on their land.

Solvang residents will have no vote on increasing the size of the city. Only Council, LAFCo and the parcel owners will make the decision for Solvang's 5,000 residents. A few hearings and three minutes each to make comments is not enough for this major decision; we need a vote.

Both the Valley Blueprint and the SVY Community Plan make preserving agricultural land and the rural character of the Valley a priority. Many Solvang and Valley residents oppose annexation due to:

- Traffic on Hwy. 246 in Solvang exceeding capacity with impatient bypass drivers endangering residential neighborhoods

- Our already stressed water supply

- Loss of prime ag land and greenbelts that protect our rural character

We will be carefully studying the report when it is released and attending hearings. We urge you to do the same.

Susan Belloni


Putting blame on Democrats

Democrats in Washington and California are totally disconnected from the people who elected them.

American citizens — in California that may not always be the case — register to vote and then hope their elected officials will follow the Constitution and provide government services when needed.

Democrats don’t feel the citizens who elected them are important.

Last Friday they refused to fund the government, including the Department of Defense, so they could support illegal aliens. By doing this they also failed to fund the Children's Health Insurance Program, which was heartless.

In California, state Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra, a Democrat, who is sworn to uphold the law, is aggressively obstructing federal immigration enforcement efforts. He recently reminded employers that under new state laws they could get $10,000 fines if they help ICE, telling them, “We will prosecute those who violate the law.”

Why do you continue to elect politicians who refuse to serve U.S. citizens?

Ron Fink



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