Sexualizing the children

California’s AB 329 Health Education Framework 2019, aligned with the Healthy Youth Act 2016, sexualize children.

Both pieces of legislation require schools provide information and instruction on performing various types of sex acts with various types of partners, as well as gender fluidity. Purportedly the information will keep children safe.

According to a Lompoc Unified School District administrator, information to keep children safe could not be taught in the traditional scientific method of biology, physiology or microbiology to facilitate a deeper knowledge and understanding of the natural processes, because it “would not meet the tenets of the law." That statement clarifies intent. The incidence of sexually transmitted disease has increased since schools implemented this pornographic curriculum.

The motivation and goals behind these initiatives remains a mystery. In testimony to the LUSD board, a citizen suggested schools were grooming children for sex. Perhaps Proposition 47 reclassified certain sex crimes from violent to non-violent, including human trafficking of a child, abducting a minor for prostitution, rape by intoxication, rape of an unconscious person, felony sexual penetration, sodomy or oral copulation with drugs if the victim is unconscious.

Jeff Epstein, a convicted pedophile and proxy of intelligence agencies, allegedly sex-trafficked children to facilitate blackmailed control of government and business officials. Attempts to determine the source of Epstein's substantial financial holdings has thus far been unsuccessful.

Children are reportedly trafficked out of foster care, Child Protective Services, healthcare and cooperative judges.

Assembly Bill 329 is not "Of the people, by the people or for the people.” It is against the people.

Deb Andrews

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A brief encounter on the 4th of July

I have been meaning to send a message regarding the Solvang 4th of July parade.

I had a heart warming moment as the parade was just starting. While I was waiting in my “HUMVEE” at the driveway to fall in behind the jeeps, a little girl, probably 8 or 9 years old, came up to me and said she wanted to thank me for our service, and shake my hand.

I shook her hand and thanked her. I saw that her mom was standing by a few feet away and appeared to appreciate us as well, along with being proud of her daughter. I thought later that I should have tried to get the little girl’s name so that our military vehicle club, the “Flat Fender Friends”, could show her and her mom some appreciation as well.

But as parades go, they just melted back into the crowd of spectators. Later that day I was thinking about that little girl and her mom, and how that simple gesture of appreciation for our service made me feel. As a service member during the Vietnam War era, we saw none of this upon our return, in fact it was quite the opposite as you well know.

Every year that we participate in the Solvang 4th of July parade, I always come away with a renewed sense of pride and patriotism, but this year was made extra special by that little girl and her mom. I will never forget this one.

John Kinney

Santa Maria

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