Letters to the Editor: Senseless destruction

Letters to the Editor: Senseless destruction

Senseless destruction

Santa Barbara County flood control recently mowed down the nesting area of migratory birds just as the young were learning to fly.

I stopped the mower, who said the biologist had checked and they were gone, but if he saw any he would stop.

The male red-wing black birds stood guard over the nest in the face of the mower as the young flapped about. I called Flood Control, more false statements. Supervisor Lavagnino’s office, useless.

The abuse of these birds continued, the wanton destruction of California's migratory birds continued. The birds were “gone,” then “they were there,” then “they didn't see any dead.” More false statements.

They removed all the cover for the young birds from hawks and owls, the last little water hole was destroyed. All in front of the 5th District office on Lakeside.

I told everyone they were still feeding the young. That they would leave as soon as the young were ready. They migrate, they do not hang around.

A spokesman said he saw little birds fly into a tree. Yes, finches and swallows fly as well.

I am angry. I witnessed animal abuse unlike anything I had seen before.

We went through this years ago and they listened, did not make false statements as red-wing black birds were destroyed and abused. Destruction of our natural resources for no reason at all. They could have waited another week.

The red-wings arrive for St. Patrick's Day, they leave for equinox. Every year, the same thing, arriving, mating and reproducing. I am tired of these men who do not believe in good government, government not to serve the people but to enrich the greedy.

“Just following orders” both men told me. I am old, and I have heard that line before.

Patricia Lala

Santa Maria


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