Letters to the Editor: Santa Maria needs trees, not sidewalks; Change in administration needed; County should fight cannabis lawsuit

Letters to the Editor: Santa Maria needs trees, not sidewalks; Change in administration needed; County should fight cannabis lawsuit


Santa Maria needs trees, not sidewalks

The easiest way to add beauty to a city, a neighborhood or a street is to plant trees. What makes a park beautiful? Trees. Remember a beautiful street from any town or city you have seen, and it's the trees that made it so.

Years ago, Santa Maria had many trees. Broadway was lined with trees, as were many of the streets. When the population boomed and houses started to go up by the tract, many trees were lost. Now, for some reason, the few mature trees that are left are being cut down by the city. Does anyone believe a completely flat sidewalk has more value that an mature tree? Does a sidewalk add value? Does it help clean the air? Do you enjoy the sound of the wind over the sidewalk?

Whatever the alleged reason for cutting down the trees, it seems there should have been at least the possibility of public input before the trees were removed. Now that they are gone, we are left with a city that is even more ugly, air that is even less clean and the feeling that those in charge don't care about anything except perhaps the profits they are reaping from the public purse. The bare streets are another symptom of the distance between what most humans value and what our government, at all levels seems to care about.

I am old enough to remember when downtown Santa Maria existed. Someone in city government decided that what we needed instead of a downtown was a mall. Which would you rather visit, downtown Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo, both of which still exist, or the mall in Santa Maria?

Maybe it's time for citizens to start paying attention and perhaps even removing the old guard that has been making the decisions that have led us to where we are now: a city where flat sidewalks lead to a place that doesn't exist anymore.

Earl Frounfelter

Santa Maria

Change in administration needed

Mike Flynn caught up in the Mueller investigation. Whoops, got caught.

Flynn pleading to Judge: "I'm guilty of lying to the FBI."

Trump: "I fired him because he lied to Mike Pence."

Fast forward to 2020.

Attorney General Barr: "The DOJ is withdrawing charges and not pursuing the case."

Trump: "Flynn is a nice guy. It's the FBI, they are Human Scum."

If this isn't corruption at the highest level, I don't know what is. I mean, he pleaded "guilty" to a crime. What is going to happen next? Wait, how about a pardon for Roger Stone and Paul Manafort. Can't have the Don of the family not taking care of his "boys."

I just can't believe how much this administration is flouting the law and dignity of the country. How can our supposed leader call the top law enforcement agency "Human Scum?" It appears street criminals have more respect for law enforcement than the President of the United States.

How can the Attorney General support this corruption and do nothing for the people?

A change in administrations can't come too fast for me.

Stan Novara

Santa Maria

County should fight cannabis lawsuit

This letter is in response to your paper’s article about the lawsuit filed last week against the County of Santa Barbara attacking its cannabis regulations.

We have been farming organic vegetables in Goleta for the last 10 years. As much as we have loved this line of work it has been very challenging economically to survive and continue to operate. Our entire farm team was filled with hope and excitement for a new crop and opportunity when cannabis was legalized in 2016.

We were, and still are, proud of our county supervisors and planning staff for creating such a progressive and forward-thinking land use ordinance for cannabis farming. For the first time we felt there was an opportunity to finally obtain economic stability and have some confidence our farming operation in the Goleta foothills would stay viable for the long run.

To now see the opposition file a CEQA lawsuit against Santa Barbara County over its approval of a cannabis farm permit, using environmental laws to prohibit such an environmentally friendly crop, just doesn't make any sense and saddens our entrepreneurial souls.

We encourage the county to fight and prevail against this lawsuit so that this new opportunity we have been investing into does not disappear.

Jack Motter

Ellwood Canyon Farms


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