Respect abortion providers as dedicated medical professionals

Like many Americans negotiating the COVID pandemic, I find myself thinking a lot about healthcare providers. Their exhausting and dedicated work during the past year has been nothing short of heroic, and it fills me with gratitude and humility.

We tend not to think about medical care until we need it, yet the pandemic has made us all reflect on how care is something that we all will need — and we will need it when we are at our most vulnerable. But in our time of need, healthcare providers dedicate themselves to being there for us.

One category of healthcare that is important to women is reproductive healthcare, and reproductive healthcare workers include abortion providers. However, we don’t always remember abortion providers as the dedicated medical professionals that they are. Why is that?

Like all medical professionals, abortion providers offer their patients compassionate care at critical points of decision in their lives. And like other nurses and doctors, abortion providers prioritize their patients’ health and well-being while offering care that is compassionate, skilled, and necessary.

No matter what our own feelings about abortion may be, we should remember with respect the healthcare professionals who provide critical reproductive health care to women. Organizations like Planned Parenthood make sure that such care is available to all women, including abortion.

Even though 70% of Americans now support a woman’s right to choose abortion, we don’t think often enough about the dedicated professionals who ensure that we can make those private decisions for ourselves and our families. I for one am glad to offer my respect to this kind of care and the professionals who offer it to us.

Kate Adams

Santa Maria

Take-home school meals should not be wasted

My wife Beverly and I go out for our morning walk just about every day. West on Hume, north on 12th, east on Hanford Armona, south on 11th, then back west on Hume.

Along our walk we see a lot of dog poop, some graffiti, and litter.

One of the worst things is the take home food from the schools. Here we are trying to provide meals to our children, only to see it thrown on the ground or in the bushes. Perhaps it would be a good idea to ask the students if they really want the take-home meals.

Then perhaps there would not be so much wasted.

I’m sure there is someone who would appreciate the meals.

Growing up I received free lunches but I don’t remember wasting any food. There was a time that my family received meals from the foodbank, also known as the Commissary. Again my mother would not allow us to waste anything.

It seems that with the help of society some parents have raised children that do not always appreciate what they have.

In short, thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

George Hernandez


Every life is precious

It is shocking that there would even be such a thing as a “ National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers”.

Reading the recent letter to the editor praising such a thing left me nearly speechless.

How far away from God our nation has gone, and people wonder why there is so much evil in this world.

Take the case of Dr. Bernard Nathanson. He changed his convictions from pro-choice to pro-life as far back as 1979, when the first generation of ultrasounds convinced a man, a self-described “Jewish atheist” who was one of America’s leading abortionists, that he was killing unborn children. He became a leading fighter against abortion. “He was a monumental figure in the fight to end abortion in the United States and even the world,” said Father Gerald Murray, who gave the homily at his funeral.

Thank God many abortion providers have seen the light and the truth. Every life is precious.

Terri Stricklin



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