Refuting voter fraud and the 'big lie'

A recent letter writer's weak, inaccurate, whiny, concocted excuse for requiring detailed election audits by independent groups sounds like willfully ignorant, misguided, GOP conspiracy driven, desperate, “poor loser” rationalization.

His outrageous claim that “The Democrats and liberals are absolutely against this level of accountability … (and) … shows they are likely manipulating the elections” shows how incredibly slanderous, stupid, and gullible people are willing to be to justify their beliefs.

The only power I have against such ignoramus ideas is to vote. First, vote out any elected official that promotes voter fraud and the idea that the election was stolen. They are lying, they know they are lying, but they continue to lie because they believe it will help them get re-elected, shameful!

Next, vote out any elected official that believes the Jan. 6 Capitol riot and insurrection was a peaceful protest and voted against a Congressional commission to investigate what happened. They are probably complicit.

Third, vote out any elected official that encouraged and supported the Jan. 6 rioters, they are most likely traitors.

Fourth, vote out any elected official that promotes voter suppression legislation. They are probably white supremacist. (And don’t be discouraged from voting anyway).

It is disgraceful and pathetic that elected officials from the GOP and conservative pundits are not willing to speak publicly in refuting the wildly unsubstantiated voter fraud conspiracies and the “big lie“.

Nelson Sagisi

Santa Maria