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Quit using guns, NRA as scapegoats

I am responding to Ken McCalip's recent commentary. I object to the idea of turning in semi-automatic assault rifles because the government will not stop there. Just look at what most of the left-wing senators consider an assault weapon.

I am a member of the NRA and oppose the idea of being like Australia, they are subjects. Ken McCalip should take another look at his liberal far left views and show me one of the mass shooters who was a NRA member. Everybody runs to blame the NRA instead of looking at what our society has become. We are raising a generation of robots attached to electronic devices and most don't know what day it is. It's time to look at the real issue and quit using guns and the NRA as scapegoats.

Jerry Simas

Santa Maria

Dial back the crankiness

Laura Ingraham just said I was kind of like herpes. Wayne LaPierre thinks my ultimate goal is to eradicate all individual freedoms. Considering neither Rush Limbaugh nor Sean Hannity have ever met me, they have said appalling things about me. Even recent letters to the editor have proclaimed me to be angry, vengeful, corrupt and anti-American.

You know who I am?

I’m a fellow American who happens to be a Democrat.

All this time I thought I was a pretty decent human being, just a normal, middle-aged woman.

I’m a waitress. I pay my taxes and obey the laws of the land. I even drive the speed limit. I try to be a good wife, daughter and citizen. And yet some of you see me as a dangerous threat to the nation.

But comparing me to a sexually transmitted disease is beyond the pale.

The Right has lost any semblance of civility and just basic Christian behavior.

Just because I care more about a changing climate than big oil companies makes me anti-American? Thinking we shouldn’t kick out the DACA kids makes me anti-American? Just because I don’t think anyone should be able to buy weapons of war makes me anti-American? Because I don’t believe that a big tax break is ever going to trickle down to us working stiffs makes me anti-American? Because I think organized labor is a good thing makes me a pinko, lefty, elitist snowflake? And just because I don’t like the current President does not make me anti-American.

I love this country. I want us to have the smartest kids, the safest cities, the best infrastructure and healthcare. So, let’s all dial back the crankiness and start seeing each other for what we are - fellow citizens who all want a better future.

Leah Braitman


Who runs this country?

Trump says arming teachers will make schools safer because crazies won't go into schools knowing that teachers are armed. What? With that kind of logic doesn't it mean if we arm the entire population with handguns and assault rifles (don't leave home without them) all crime will be eliminated? At what age do we start, 18 or 21 or at birth issuing a Social Security number and an AR-15? I bet the NRA would argue for age 14.

Doesn't that make sense? I mean, any angry, depressed, mentally ill person would use the rational that he might get killed if he did something crazy and back off. What?

My knee jerk reaction began back in 1999 with Columbine High School. What has been done since both Democrat and Republican controlled Congresses have come and gone?

Who runs this country, the people or the NRA?

Stan Novara

Santa Maria