Put the blame where it belongs, on government

Every day in reading the paper or watching the news, there is always some kind of story about the COVID pandemic. Every story will contain something about pandemic-caused closures or the economic misfortunes due to the pandemic.

While this might have been true a year ago, anyone with an ounce of reasoning ability now understands that this is a lie. This virus has only affected 7% to 8% of the population and has a recovery rate of over 99%.

What we have are businesses closing and people not working and children not getting an education due to government actions. For a business to be closed due to the pandemic, it would mean that too many of their employees are too sick to work or the workplace is too contaminated to be safe. This has been clearly demonstrated at larger box stories that have stayed open the entire time with no issue.

So why are schools, restaurants, gyms and other places too unsafe to open? The unfortunate reality is that they are not -- this has very little to do with public health and everything to do with power. If you doubt that statement, look at the governor’s plan. There is no tier to return to normal — the lowest yellow tier still has restrictions and allow the governor to continue operating in dictator mode in perpetuity.

So let us put the blame where it belongs — on the shoulders of government officials — and quit perpetuating the lie that these hardships are caused by a virus. The media needs to quit lying about the cause of the economic problems and start reporting facts rather than furthering a political agenda.

Curt Warner

Santa Maria


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