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Psychologists' training should not be used keep children online

I see skeptics “note that psychologists have been involved in other industries marketing and advertising for decades.” Advocates, in a recent article, condemn techniques used to keep kids online and seem to think, like an elementary school child, that if everybody’s doing it it must be OK.

Using training of psychologists to sell items, or market them, is also cruel as it tends to target those in our society that have the least ability to discern between good or bad choices - the young, elderly, and those with less cognitive abilities.

I’m sure this will go on in our culture of make-believe as there seems to be an absence of the sacred for anything but the most make-believe, money.

Terry Garrett

Santa Maria

Mark Meuser top candidate

The elections are approaching and we are fortunate to have a candidate willing to put his legs to work to let you, the voting public, have a chance to meet him.

He is running, or should I say biking, through the state of California, hitting all the districts to let you know he will be working for you, to clean up our elections and work to get honest elections.

His name is Mark Meuser, for Secretary of State. He is a people's person, not a stereotype politician. He is warm and friendly and will work hard to get the job done.

Not only is he a man of his word — he said he would bike ride through California and he is — but you will have a chance to meet this man in Buellton, Friday, Aug. 17, at 6:30 p.m. at the Blue Berry Farm, 1980 Highway 101. He then will bike south and meet voters along his route. What a great chance to meet the next Secretary of State.

We need your support at the polls Nov. 6. There is a quote: “America is a country which produces citizens who will cross the ocean to fight for democracy but won't cross the street to vote.” Can you be counted to cross the street and vote?

This election is most important because it decides our future for not only for California but for our nation. See you at the polls.

Anita Dwyer


Pops Orchestra should get more recognition

The recent "Living in the Lompoc Valley" section was a great reminder of all the things that make living here particularly enjoyable and rewarding.

But each time there's a similar newspaper spread, I am surprised and disappointed that the unique cultural activities are regularly overlooked, the Lompoc Pops Orchestra being one of them. The very fact that Lompoc is able to sustain a semi-professional orchestra is highly unusual, as most orchestras can only survive in very large cities. Yet this orchestra packs the house four times a year with appreciative patrons who enjoy the music Americans have loved for decades.

And it's not like the Pops is new - the orchestra has been around for 23 years and today its quality is nothing short of outstanding. Currently directed by Dr. Brian Asher Alhadeff, a brilliant, dedicated and creative whirl of energy, the orchestra is composed of top musicians from up and down the Central Coast. Several even drive from as far away as Ventura and Cambria in order to participate, and soloists are always top-notch.

Connie Barlow