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Protecting nuke power

When the twin reactors were closed by Edison in Southern California, carbon emissions spiked equal to instantly putting 2 million more cars on the road.

This endangers health with diseases like emphysema, lung cancer, heart disease and many others.

In addition, adding more carbon to the atmosphere is acidifying our oceans and endangering all sea life.

Nuclear plants emit zero unhealthy smoke, soot, ozone or other lethal products as does burning fossil fuels like natural gas or coal. Neither do they give off CO2 to dangerously heat Earth.

But opponents claim nuclear is dangerous. Where are the victims if this is true?

Big tobacco propagandized the public for decades, claiming smoking didn't cause cancer, meanwhile millions of smokers died. Big oil is funding nuclear opponents like Sierra Club to protect profits.

Now, opponents want to close powerful, clean-electricity Diablo Canyon and PG&E sees profit in complying.

Protect your family's health and your only planet. Call Senate Leader Kevin DeLeon, Gov. Brown and your representatives and demand they protect the public ahead of corporate profits.

Only the public can stop them.

William Gloege

Santa Maria

Paying for parents’ sins

The Dream Act is a farce. I understand how the children of illegal immigrants feel, but their parents entered our country illegally. That is a crime, and their children must suffer for it.

Mexico’s constitution states very clearly that children born to illegal immigrants in a foreign in country are citizens of Mexico. They also refer to them as “notch babies.”

Over 13 years ago we asked City Council members to implement the H-2A program and E-Verify but they refused, so our city is over-run with illegal immigrants.The H-2A program is very similar to the bracero program. The families that came here legally are a different class of workers. The ones our family lived by were great people. Their sons worked in the fields, not their girls. Two of the young men joined the Army and became citizens, and later the whole family became citizens. They made sure their children had an education.

It was not only the Mexican families that worked in the fields. We also had Filipinos and others.

One grower is supposed to build a 600-unit facility to house workers but I have not seen any movement on this project. Why? It sounds like a great plan.

Mickey Freeman

Santa Maria

Speed up investment in clean energy

Thank you for the Sept. 16 editorial "Saving for the future." I agree that continuing to push climate-blind policies will lead to more investment in assets that will ultimately have to be abandoned, not just in the fossil fuel sector but in real estate as well.

Some insist that Texas and Florida are just unlucky, but this kind of bad luck is going to get much worse in the coming decades. Houston has just had three 500-year storms in three years. Hurricane Irma was so massive, it straddled the peninsula and fed itself from the Atlantic and the Gulf simultaneously.

The American Meteorological Society warns that warming oceans and atmosphere are making storms larger, stronger and wetter. Every destructive storm in the foreseeable future will have a bigger price tag than in the past -- a cost directly linked to the amount of carbon dioxide in the air.

I think of these massive floods as a tax penalty that Mother Nature imposes on humanity for using the atmosphere as a dumping ground for greenhouse gases. This tax will keep rising until we get control of our combustion emissions.

Humans can engineer a constructive alternative to nature's cruel and confiscatory tax. The solution can be as simple as a 100 percent revenue-neutral fee on fossil fuels with all the revenue rebated to households as cash dividends.

A fee-and-dividend approach to carbon pricing would speed up investment in clean energy sources without taking money out of the economy or harming vulnerable consumers. Descriptions of two versions of this market-friendly "carbon dividends" plan are available from Citizens' Climate Lobby and the Climate Leadership Council.

Michael Segor

San Luis Obispo

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