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Pot that looks like candy, food is vile

Reading the Santa Maria Times Jan. 2 about California pot sales open for business and selling marijuana legally ranging from cookies to gummy bears laced with marijuana. This is the most vile crime in my eyes. To produce something looking so innocent on the outside and so dangerous for our children to consume by accident. I was never against medical use or even responsible recreational use by adults, treated like alcohol and tobacco and taxed accordingly.

But this goes way too far and literally stinks to heaven. A solution: Please educate yourself and others about drugs, alcohol and tobacco in any form. But it should never be allowed that any food for public consumption is glazed with any kind of drug, period.

Drugs have to be labeled as such. So go ahead, buy your drugs, alcohol or tobacco products, but don't contaminate the future of our children and youth.

Maybe make a happy New Year's resolution, doing any kind of sports. I promise you a healthy "high."

Erich Gross

Santa Maria

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