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Letters to the Editor: 'Politics is just like show business'; Addis will be on job full-time; Goodbye to traditional values
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Letters to the Editor: 'Politics is just like show business'; Addis will be on job full-time; Goodbye to traditional values

'Politics is just like show business' 

President Reagan should know something about show business. In the last two debates all four candidates were very bad at show business.

President Trump looked, and acted like an old, grouchy uncle. He never smiled and never had a good thing to say about anybody.

Vice-President Biden looked and acted like a really nice old grandfather that would show all the kids card tricks. He looked like a deer in headlights most of the time.

Vice-President Pence looked and acted like a stiff, nasty high school principal. No wonder the fly landed on him, he never moved.

Senator Harris looked and acted like a sweet mom, who would always have cookies and milk on the table when you came from school. She was convincing as mom, but as president, she needed more acting school.

President Reagan knew something about politics too, and all four candidates were very poor at politics. They all had the same talking points, and repeated them over and over again. Nothing new or interesting.

So why did the fly get the most attention? He didn't know much about politics, but he sure knew a lot about show business. He was the only interesting, new thing in both debates.

Cary De Grosa

Santa Maria

Addis will be on job full-time

I support Dawn Addis for 35th district Assemblywoman because she will treat it as a full-time job. Our current Assemblyman, Jordan Cunningham, has racked up 64 absent days: more than any other member of the Republican caucus. He missed or abstained from 806 votes. For this we are paying him $150,000? Thanks just the same but I would prefer someone who takes the job seriously enough to show up and represent me.

Susan Robinson

Paso Robles

Goodbye to traditional values

We wonder if Trump supporters are sensitive to how dangerous his words were in the faux debate the other night, "faux" thanks to Trump's constant crude interruptions that annoyed even Chris Wallace, Fox News moderator.

But there was real danger to our country in what he eventually said. First, unlike probably any other President ever, he disparaged our election process, charging fraud with no substantial evidence. He also indicated he may not accept the election results, saying if he lost, it would mean the election had been corrupted.

In a democracy, faith in the election process is critical. To create doubt without a factual basis is virtually treason, as is lying incessantly about fake news in our truly legitimate news sources, i.e. most print journalism and TV stations such as the major networks and public television.

But really dangerous was when Wallace asked him to denounce the increasing number of white supremacist groups he's inspired. He would not do it, even when Wallace pressed him. He said only, "Stand back and stand by," meaning don't leave and be ready to act. Then he urged supporters to crowd polling stations.

Unthinkable, but it's pure Trump, who's on the same wavelength as these thugs. This is proven by the fact that just hours after the debate, Proud Boys sewed new insignia on their shirts saying, "Stand back and stand by." Trump's personal Justice Department won't act, but we can hope local authorities will assign police to all polling stations.

My interpretation of Trump's words is not alarmist; it's widely shared by knowledgeable authorities, including some Fox commentators. Trump is a corrupter. He's brought down his party by inspiring them to lie openly by installing yet another far right Supreme Court justice days before the election.

Seems John McCain was the last Republican with integrity. Whatever, if Trump's buffaloed enough Americans into voting for him it's goodbye to our traditional Statue of Liberty values. Good luck to us.

Jack Miles

Santa Maria


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